The skateboard and community-led brand champions the Autumn/Winter season offering heavy jersey sweaters, hoods and a debut graphic skate deck.

Honest is a skater-owned skateboarding company from Nottingham, established in 2017. Featured in VIPER STYLE issue earlier this year, Honest was formed from a love of skating and the desire to create, through the mediums of experimental photography, skate film and design-led product. The designs take inspiration from both music and fashion – ranging from 70s British punk rock to 90s New York hip hop styles that spread across the world.

Though a small brand, quality wise Honest skateboards are better than most. Currently wrapping up for the winter months, having delivered a series of 350 GSM, box-fit hoodies and sweats in tasteful hues of Lavender, Bone-White & soft black, Honest title their new items as the ‘Outlined Logo’ capsule, a hand-drawn then digitally transferred font of the brands logo, a frankly a truly honest and playful array of clobber.

For those actively skating through the pains and banes of 2020, Honest are celebrating the launch of their new skate deck – manufacturing skateboards for brands have always been hit and miss; is it art? is it for skating? The answer is clear with Honest. Skate it! The UK brand unveiled a full-length skate film, 4 minutes of buttery tricks and style captured on VX2100. Watch the full skate film below…

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