VIPER caught up with UK Rapper Kristen Hanby to hear all about his favourite mixtape…

Dammm, I have never actually answered this question before. I got so many different types of music genres that I enjoy from drill/grime to pop/RnB, but if I had to pick one work of art it would have to be Drake’s ‘More Life’. This project is one of few and if not the only album that you dare not skip a song, name me any other album you can do this on? I’ll wait?

One of my favourite producers Boi-1da produced a few of the songs on that album, his sound is so unique and always has me feeling some type of way! Crazy story to this actually, the first ever time I went to LA was a decision that changed my life forever. I was in San Francisco and I was heading back to the airport, decided to miss my flight and get an 8 hour bus to LA – that was the day Drake dropped this project. I was on WIFI from the coach and each song took so long to load but I managed to hear the whole album on that coach!! 

Pretty much on the day that changed my life It’s all about Family!! I can relate. Three words to describe ‘More Life’ would have to be IN MY FEELS….. every single song has me feeling some type of way, I don’t think I can chose three more fitting words! No discussion whatsoever, ‘Do Not Disturb’ is my favourite song to date!! I can literally play it back to back 100 times!

I actually don’t have a physical copy. Like most people, I’m all digital now, i’m all for Spotify, they make my life so much easier! Plus when you get a scratch on a CD, that makes me super angry  

I don’t actually remember owning too many hard copy CDs in my life. There is one that stands out to me though – 50 Cent ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, that album slapped so hard! I used to play it in my CD player, if you walked too fast the CD would skip! Dammm, times does go fast, that’s almost 20 years ago!!! 


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