Stefan Bunbury

Fatboy, what’s up?

Whats up my guy you already know we in the building.

How’s everything been, how’s your pandemic been going?

Man, for real hustler, if you know how to captivate in a pandemic, you’re going to be A-OK. My shit been cool. I’ve been hustling, getting to it, trying to motivate myself and get money. Stay away from bullshit, even though I’ve been indulging in bullshit. I’ve got to stay away from that shit, it doesn’t come with nothing but evil thoughts, evil spirits, and bad shit happening. 

I want to congratulate you on the birth of your new child! What’s her name? 

Mackenzie. Her name is Mackenzie. I love her to death. Shout out Mackenzie Ariel Kimber Ali, baby. 

That’s beautiful. Congratulations to you on your family.

Baby if you’re watching this I love you.

So you have a new single thats coming out at the end of October?

I got a new single that’s coming an the end of October. Thank you for elaborating on that. It’s called More than Friends. Its going to be very, very exciting. Love, dope, couples record for the intimate relationships, the good relationships. To show people a different outlook on love. Giving them the love and basketball type of vibes, you know? So I appreciate everyone thats going to be tuned in. Shout out to the whole Empire crew. Shout out to Mercedes Logan, Bobby, especially Gazi. Thank you for believing in me and putting me a position where I could broadcast my music on a higher scale and a broader horizon. 

It’s a remake of Biz Markie’s just a friend? 

It is man it’s a flip of it. It’s going to be very electrifying, big, enormous, gigantic, fantastic, superb, tremendous, and marvelous. It’s going to be very exciting, and I can’t wait for it to come out expeditiously. 

Why did you choose the just a friend beat?

Basically it’s not all the way how that beat is, but it’s similar. We just took a couple of the melodies and put it together and made magic. We got a special producer on there, I appreciate him. We just hustling and just working. Shout out my cousin, and my wife Tiana who was in the studio with me when we put this record together. I made it for my wife and I appreciate my wife. Thank you, baby. 

Stefan Bunbury

How long have you guys been together? 

We’ve been together for almost two years. Shout out my wife, you know what I’m saying. You like a steak and cheese, with extra onions and cheese and I want to eat you up. I appreciate you, baby. 

You were based in New Jersey for a while, but now you recently moved out to the other coast in L.A. now, right? 

I currently live in L.A. I’m from New Jersey and I was based in a hard core part of New Jersey. Shout out Irvington, New Jersey. Shout to my whole hood seeing this. I put on for them, shout out Fatboy gang, we in the building. I created my own business, my own company, my own entity. We’ve just been working, we’re building an empire man. Starting with this foundation, and this record definitely going to get us out of here. I appreciate everything, man. Thank you. 

Why did you choose to move out to L.A. after being on the East Coast for so long? 

It’s time to see new things. It’s time to visit new atmospheres, hit new brinks in life, you know. It’s time to venture out and grow. That’s where that big leap came from. 

On top of this new single, are you working on any projects?

Yes, I got my project coming out soon called Biggest Heart Vibes. We’ve been working on it. It was scheduled to be released on November 16. But looking like the date of it might change. We ain’t really worried about the album, but we got the album done. It’s coming so ya’ll keep a look out for it. Once I go gold and platinum, everything will work out for the best. 

Is there anything that you want to say to your fans? 

Basically, man, just keep working. Keep hustling. Don’t let nobody tell you you can’t do nothing or be nobody. You can be something man. Stay away from haters, the negativity and all the naysayers, man, because you can win championships. Shout to LeBron for winning that championship, but you could do the same thing. So at the end of the day, keep working, keep vibing, keep doing your thing. Show that people are great, endless love, and you will win forever no matter what. Shout out everybody doing their thing working hard from the ground, getting a business off the ground. If you a rapper or singer, whatever you do, keep doing it. Don’t let nobody discourage you or you. You’re a king, you’re a queen. You can do it. Love you. 

That’s all we have. Fatboy thank you for taking the time – 

I ain’t done. You thought I was done then I’m going to still talk. Everybody that be out there hating on each other and thinking that it’s cool to hate on each other, thats not what it is. You know, you got to show love in this shit. That’s what it’s all about. That’s what we need in this time of day. 

Is that it? I don’t want to cut you off. 

Nah man. I want to say on a serious note, shout to everybody that was affected by covid, man, I hope you recover, and everybody that lost somebody due to Covid, my heart goes out to your family. I appreciate my guy for having me on Viper Magazine. Thank you so much. Thank you for interviewing me. I appreciate everybody out there. Peace and love. Now I’m done. Thank you. Bye.

Stefan Bunbury

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