Hailing from Essex, Macca Wiles is the UK’s answer to the surge in Rap-Rock fusion. Collaborator of VIPER Cover star Trippie Redd, Macca is taking his sound global and doing so in his own lane. His latest project ‘Bad Habits’ is a storm of rock energy, we get to know Macca Wiles and get a deeper understanding of his magic in an exclusive interview with VIPER.

So for those that don’t know, who’s Macca Wiles & What’s he about?

Macca Wiles is Macca Wiles & he’s about being true to himself and talking on issues that almost everyone faces at least ONCE in our lifetime. I’m about letting people know they’re not alone. 

You’ve recently catapulted a new project into the world called “Bad Habits” – Is their a narrative for the project? Or straight vibes? 

The project was made when I had a lot of ‘Bad Habits’. If people have read up on my previous song outlined then they will know I struggled with lean abuse. All the songs on the project were made whilst I was still going through all that & even tho I hate to say it.. was a drug addict. I’m now past that but I think I wanted to name the project that so I could look back & see how far I’ve come. 

Do you have one track off the project you love more than others? 
Slime, and not even for no lyrically reason or story behind it I just think it’s such an amazing song I love the melodies I put down on it, and the switch up at the end is beautiful. 

Your career has been amazing to see unfold, can you tell us how your passion for music began and how that’s influenced your journey, the experiences help shape your sound we know now? 

My passion for music began at the early age of around 8 when I discovered Linkin Park, became absolutely obsessed. Experiences definitely have shaped my sound, I’ve been through a number of obstacles in my life but this gives me stories to tell.

What are the things you feel are important to your sound? The things that put you different to the rest?

I honestly think so far there’s only one of me with this new sound I’m coming with, and to change the sound from where I’m coming from is something a lot of people would be scared to do. Bare in mind, my music was as rap as it gets.. now it’s all live vocals guitars & drums. I’m talking about things most aren’t willing to talk about, which is fine, but someone has to so why not me? 

If you could describe your sound in three words, how would you translate that?

Timeless, Fucking Legendary being the other two words. 

Now we’ve got to know you, time to switch this up a little. As an artist and musician on his come up.. where has been the most influential place you’ve visited? 

Atlanta, I got a lot of friends in Atlanta who all do music or something connected to the industry. Everyone out there works together and push one & another, that’s very rare. 

We’ve seen your friends with a Viper Cover Star, Trippie Redd. Tell us more about that, how did you two meet? 

Me & Trippie met super long ago, we found each other on social media through songs on SoundCloud I guess. It’s been a few times we was meant to do a song, even had a cover made for it at one point. Hopefully one day it will happen, to see how far he’s come is inspiring & his one of a kind.

With America being such a melting pot of all things wild, What has been your wildest experience in America? 

No comment, respectfully. 

One of your songs from the new project is called Rapstar,  stylistically as we know your someone with a taste for fashion.. what would you describe the outfit of Macca Wiles, a rapstar?

My style switches up so crazy ha, one minute I can look like a rapstar, next I’m on some emo shit, Rick Owens, all-black you feel me, I can’t limit myself to one outfit that would be barbaric. 

It’s been a pleasure getting to know you Macca, from Essex to Hollywood hills it’s truly amazing to see the growth. What else can we expect to see you champion in the near future?

More shocking changes that gonna leave you speechless, some real good music I got so much in the bag the world gonna wake up on me eventually and I can’t wait.

Photographer: @August3000_ &  @outherevisuals
Macca wears Salon des Refusés (cardigan), Rick Owens (pants) & Dior converse (shoes), Spider Worldwide (Hat)

Listen to ‘Bad Habits’ now, stream here on all platforms. Stay connected by following @maccawiles & @vipermagazine on all socials.

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