Earlier this year, Amos had everyone from will.i.am and Pixie Lott, to the UK public vibing to his audition for The Voice Kids in which he performed AJ Tracey’s ‘Ladbroke Grove’.

At just 14 years of age, Amos made it to the semi-finals of the famed talent competition and he isn’t stopping there. With his poignant performance of his own song, ‘No Violence’ and his latest release, ‘Letter To Boris’, we expect great things to come from the budding conscious rapper. Get to know him with this VIPER chat…

Who would you cite as your biggest influences?
I would say rappers like Stormzy and Dave as they put a lot of meaning into their raps.

How did your experience on The Voice help you grow as an artist? 
It really helped with exposure and I am super grateful for it.

Will.i.am said you remind him of himself, how did that make you feel and what qualities do you see reflected in the both of you?
Maybe the hunger we both had or have as kids.

You’re intent on changing the public’s perception of grime and its portrayal in the media, how do you hope to go about this?
I am trying to change people’s mindset on rap by promoting non-violence.

Your latest release, ‘Letter To Boris’ opens with a sample from MLK’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech and is set to resonate with a lot of us. What do you feel is an important message to vocalise during this time and will you continue to share your political beliefs through conscious rap?
Yes, I felt like Martin Luther King‘s speech was so powerful and would take people back to the time he made that speech and realise that things are still the same in society that we live in today.

What’s next for you, can we expect any more exciting releases?
Yes, new music soon to come, stay tuned!

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