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D’Kyla Paige Woolen aka Kaash Paige is a 19 year old rockstar hailing from Dallas/Grand Prairie, Texas. Right after she turned 18, her song Love Songs went viral and she landed herself a deal with Def Jam. Since then, she released her debut EP Parked Car Convos which hit #15 and her debut album Teenage Fever hit #2. Back in march, she was featured on Don Toliver’s song Euphoria along with fellow Texas rapper Travis Scott. We sat down with Kaash Paige to talk the rockstar lifestyle, growing up in Texas, astrology, and more. Read what Kaash had to say below!

What was it like growing up in Dallas? 

It was weird because I never really got to fully grow up in Dallas just because I’m 19 years old. I was in high school. So I got to travel to Dallas, but I’m from from Grand Prairie. When I finally moved to Dallas, I got to get a little bit more of that culture and more of the creative scene as soon as I started doing house party shows. I’m from Grand Prairie, Arlington area. It’s more suburban. I feel like Dallas has suburbs, it has the hood, and it has the artsy part where I live. The artsy part of Dallas, like Bishop Arts, a lot of creatives stay in this area. 

Paige, that’s your actual name, right?

Yeah, my real name is D’Kyla, my middle name is Paige.

What was high school like for you? 

Man High School was fun. I would pay money just to go back to my junior year. That was when I started becoming more myself and really feeling free. I had strict parents, so I didn’t get to maneuver how I wanted to all the time.

When you were first starting to write your music, were your parents supportive of it?

My mom was always supportive, but telling your parents you want to be a rapper or singer, that just sounds super unrealistic. Not everybody gets picked like that. So my mom, she was more focused on me going to college and doing the whole traditional route. I told her that I have faith in myself and I’m going to be big! So I kind of just went my own way, and when that happened, she became way more supportive. I feel like being a kid, 17/18 at that time, you would think your parents would be more supportive of your dreams. They’re really just looking out for your best interests.

So you’re only 19. Most kids at this point in their life are dealing with college and midterms or at a day job, but right now you’re a rockstar. What was that transition like from high school to stardom?

It was pretty fast. I graduated high school early, I graduated two months into my senior year, then like two months passed and I was with a whole record label. Jumping off the porch that quick, you know, God’s blessings with timing. But wow, you have to grow up so fast. You get used to the fake love fast and you get used to not knowing who’s really there for you. Being so young, I feel like I had to really pick my circle, and pick who I want around me. If you don’t have the right people around you, all you see is failure.

You’ve already worked with some of the industry’s biggest names from Travis Scott, Don Toliver, Isaiah Rashad, 44 Dugg, Future. Which one has been your favorite one to work with and what was your experience?

I feel like my favorite one to work with has to be Isaiah Rashad, just because that’s my favorite artist. The fact that we keep in contact. He texts me, he sends me unreleased stuff. It’s so crazy because I listen to his music every day! I’m a fan. It’s dope to just know that we have the future of being able to create dope music. People want him to drop his stuff, so the fact that I’m just working with him is just amazing. Don Toliver, our sounds together is just insane. Everybody loves when we’re on a track together. 

Did you, Travis, and Don connect on the fact that you guys are from Texas?

Honestly, I’ve never met Travis. I hope I get to meet him soon. I want to get on an actual song with him. But that’s probably what it was. It was like, this is a Texas type joint. A lot of people from Texas love that record. I was just in Houston and they were playing that record all day.

You said Isaiah Rashad was your favorite artist. Which album do you prefer? Are you Sylvia Demo or Sun’s tirade?

Suns Tirade all the way. Stuck In The Mud is my joint! Sylvia Demo is hard though, I like Webbies Flow. I like a lot of the joints on there because it gives us a more groovy Rashad. I feel like Suns Tirade gives you those late night drive vibes, smoking with my friends, I’m doing me, you know. There’s more concepts and stuff, more storytelling. I love people that listen Isaiah Rashad. I feel like if you listen him we can automatically be friends.

Have you ever been to New York?

Yeah, I’ve been out to New York plenty of times. It’s crazy because when I first started going out to New York, I never liked it. When I finally got to stay in the downtown area, going to Brooklyn and Harlem, that’s when I really started to like New York.

Let’s say It’s like midnight, you got the munchies, you’re on your way home. What are you getting?

If I’m not getting tacos, Ima get Subway. I’m a huge subway eater. My favorite sandwich is spicy Italian. Like I like pepperoni and salami.

Are you an anime fan?

I’m not an anime fan, but I think anime looks so hard! This is going to sound weird. Have you seen Lil Uzi’s cars with the anime? I want to trip my car out like that, make it all glossy. I feel like anime as a whole is super fire. I just never was able to get into it much. I watched Dragon Ball Z, I used to have the cards and stuff. Newer anime I haven’t really seen any but I hear a lot of people talking about it. 

How about Netflix? What are you watching right now?

Netflix, I’m not going to hold you, I just be picking stuff to fall asleep to. I’ve probably put Barbershop on like eight times and not even watched it. A movie that I’ve seen recently that I’m really interested in was 13 Sins. That movie is super fire. It kind of enlightens you more about the government, and the world in general. When I was watching it I kept thinking like this might really be for real. I’m not gonna hold you.

Do you watch a lot of documentaries like that?

I do, but I try to stay away from it. My third eye is open way too much, I’m just gonna overthink all of that. I have to chill out, I can’t watch documentaries like that.

Are you into astrology at all, do you think you’re a typical Capricorn?

I’m that person that’s like, yes, I’m a Capricorn. Yes, the ambition is there. I’m super into astrology and numerology. I got these sevens tatted on my neck. I see numbers everywhere. I like stuff like that. When it comes to astrology, I’m not deep into it. I don’t know much about rising’s and stuff like that. I think my moon is a cancer, but I don’t really know what that means. I met these signs, and they’ve met the requirements and descriptions that everybody keeps saying about them. 

I’m a pisces. 

I love pisces bro. Pisces are so fucking cool. Pisces are good friends. They’re going to keep it real with you and they’re super sweet. I really fuck with Pisces.

I saw that you met Future earlier this summer. Do you guys have a collaboration coming out? What was it like meeting him? 

He was supposed to be on my album. Hopefully in due time we’ll really link up and get in the studio and just create. It was super cool. You know when you’re about to meet an artist that you really love, it may scare you a little bit. Like, what have they’re not as cool as you thought? Future is so cool, so real, and he was super humble and goofy. We were just sitting and laughing the whole time. He wasn’t Hollywood at all. He was in the trenches just chilling.

What are some other new younger artists that you’re fucking with right now?

My bro SSG Kobe is fire. I like 2KBABY, he’s hard. Justin Rarri, I just seen him at Rolling Loud, he’s very fire. NO1-NOAH, he was on Summer Walker’s EP. I got to get more tapped in. This girl Jayla Darden too. I see her come across my timeline.

One of the main things that I noticed on your album, was your use of live guitar all over the album, whether it’s just playing a melody or it’s mimicking what you just sang. Is that is that something that you try to incorporate in all your music?

When it comes to instrumentation I really love live band sets. Before I used to perform like this, I always had a drummer, guitar player, keys. We were really intimate. The Internet type feeling, where you can feel the music and make the song sound different, I feel like that’s just my whole way of life. I love abstract feelings and aesthetics that make you feel real good.

When it comes time to do live shows again, do you think you’ll ever perform with a live band behind you?

Hell yeah. Shows like Camp Flog Gnaw or Coachella, it’s perfect to bring the mood down. I’ll do my lit shit first, and I’ll be like, “you know what, I just want to vibe out” Have the band come out and just be on some real cool shit. Even with my rock songs like Lost Ones, I would have my bro come out and play the guitar. I love being a rock star. That shits so fire. 

Perfect transition, are you living the rock star lifestyle? Do you think you can make it? haha *song reference*

Man, the rock star lifestyle thats L.A. You’re going to live it for sure. Being back out here, I got a little break from the rock star-ness. But when these shows come back and traveling, rock star lifestyle all the way. Believing that you can make anything come true, all dreams come true, and just living life. You only live once, live every day like it’s your last. I believe that you shouldn’t care what anybody thinks about you.

I feel like you talked about living rockstar life, riding around in your six-four and all this crazy shit. And you’re really living it.

I’m just glad to be able to do shit like that at a young age right now. Like in ten years I’ll be like, “Damn I was nineteen wylin bro! At these fucking shows with these hoes, getting lit.” stuff like that. Right now I’m so interested in more awareness about my sound and bringing more awareness to doing whatever the fuck you want. That’s exactly what I stand for. Kaash: Kill All Arrogance Stop Hatred. That’s what I stand for. I don’t care, I’m free spirited as fuck. It’s a lituation always.

Do you have a favorite car?

Yeah, I love driving but I just like driving nice ass whips. I like jeeps, BMWs, lambos, Tesla’s. Anything that will get you from point A to B, I’m in that ho.

Do you actually own a six four.

No, I need to get one. I was talking about it so much I need to get one. I get that question so much. I remember I was at the airport in Atlanta and this girl came up to me and was like, “You’re the six four girl!”. I was like Hell yeah!

A lot of your music you talk about relationships and significant others. What are qualities that you look for in a significant others?

Ambition but I don’t really look for nothing but coolness. I like somebody that can be your boo but your homie. They’re very supportive and the energy is always reciprocated. I don’t ask for too much as long as it’s a dope relationship, a dope bond. Thats what I like. Knowing that you have these dreams and desires that you wish to fulfill. It’s really on some chill shit. I don’t look for too much in people. You’ve just got to match my energy and educate me. I love people that can educate me on whatevers going on in life, politics, shoes, shirts. Somebody that can just be there and expand my horizon. If you don’t feel comfortable with somebody, you shouldn’t even be with them.

Where do you like to go clothes shopping?

Zumiez to be honest, I used to work there. It’s the graphic tees for me. I really like epic tee shirts and dope hoodies and shit that just makes you think. I like anything that has a statement on it.

Do you ever experiment with drugs when you’re making music? 

Only weed, and barely that. When I’m making music, I can’t even really smoke till afterwards so I can listen to it. I feel like whenever you’re smoking and you’re high, listening to music is going to hit you way different than listening to that ho while you’re sober. You’re going to feel everything or hear them strings in the back that you didn’t think you can hear. Psychedelics and music, I wanted to do that, kind of how Chance The Rapper did Acid Rap. I honestly think that he’s a goat because for one, you think so damn much on shit like that, theres no way in hell I can be able to make a song while I’m on shrooms or LSD. You have to think to yourself, simplicity is everything. I feel like when you put too much, it’s just too much. You just have to meet it in the middle, like a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I love simplicity. I’m just like, let me just stick to what the fuck I know. That’s like trying a new restaurant. Like let me just stick to what I know because if I try this pasta today and this ho suck, I’ll be mad.

You’ve had a lot of success this year and you’ve had a lot of big breaks. What’s your favorite moment been so far?

I think my favorite moment, I’ll remember this till the day I die. I’m really into manifestation. I feel like October is going to be a very huge month for me. I remember last year before any of this happened, I was walking around Fairview homecoming, just chillin, getting lit with my friends, somebody runs up to me like, “Yo, Kaash, Love Song is trending on Apple Music!” And they showed me so I went to my Apple music and I’m like “Bro, I’m trending!” That was a huge moment in the month of October for me. I believed it was going to happen, but I didn’t think it was going to happen like that. It was just a Random Moment because I remembered Love Songs was never going on my project, it was never going on Parked Car Convos. It was just a single I had out. When that happened, I knew it was just perfect timing. Like, yeah, this is destined for you and you never know what’s going to happen. I made that song two summers ago.

I’m really proud of you and your success. You’re not only 19, you’re living a life that people aged 40 probably haven’t done half the stuff that you’ve already done.

Man, I feel like they can still get that shit done. In my opinion, I feel as if life is like a game. It’s like Monopoly. The way you choose and pick the way you want to maneuver with your life is how you’re going to do it. Like shit, you could go to this party and shouldn’t have gone to that party, might end up in jail. There are just different situations that you could put yourself in, you know. I feel like the situations I chose was from taking risk and just believing in myself. I feel some people don’t believe in themselves because the people they have around them. Really, when you’re in tune with your inner self, and you know that’s shits going to happen for you, It’s going to happen to you. Thats for anybody like ages up to fucking 80 or 100 it doesn’t even matter. Keep speaking out to the universe because the universe hears that and they’re going to show you that gratitude for sure.

Do you have any any message that you want to share with the world or with your fans.

Really just stay healthy, stay in your own little bubble, stay happy and just always know happiness is over everything. I’m a whole ass person person you know? Always trying to put out good energy. The energy you put out is always the energy you will receive back. If you put out bad energy, you’re going to receive that back. If you put out good energy, you’re going to receive that back. That’s my message to everybody. Be yourself, don’t give a fuck, live life, and just make your decisions, You.  

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