The London based artist addresses the issue of female migration across the world with graphic hoodies

Spearheading artist and multidisciplinary creative, Isaac Andrew, addresses the issue of female migration across the world. To raise awareness around the catastrophic problem, Isaac incorporates silhouettes of women across the hoodies with blurred out faces represent all those who are neglected and overlooked by society and those who have sadly lost their lives in the pursuit of basic human rights. Isaac explains “It’s an issue that definitely needs more coverage, and more conversation, so that’s the intention behind these hoodies, to act as a constant reminder to the wearer, and a conversation initiator”.

Converse collaborator, Isaac has labelled the one-of-a-kind hoodies “Let Them Run” – a title is taken from his mixed media piece on canvas highlighting the issue of female migration across the world.

The plot thickens, Isaac has made himself known for addressing cultural and global issues through his series of creative mediums, giving art a deeper meaning, a pro-active purpose. Around 13 million women and girls around the world are currently fleeing borders because of war, gender-based violence and trafficking. They flee in hope of basic human rights, and a better life for themselves, or more often, their children. Escaping persecution for being a woman is one of the most common reasons women seek refuge. In many countries (predominantly developing countries), the legal systems are unable to protect women and girls from sexual violence, so fleeing this violence is the only hope for many of these women.

The rest of the world’s response to this issue is evidently not enough. Only 4% of projects in UN inter-agency appeals were targeted at women and girls, and 0.4% of all funding to fragile states went to women’s groups or ministries. Coupled with mobility, financial and literacy constraints, most women suffering from gender persecution simply have little to no choice.

You can help the cause by purchasing the graphic hoodies from Isaac’s website, for every hoodie purchased raises awareness.

Cop here – https://isaacandrews.cargo.site/

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