Bad World, the fashion brand embracing a new-age, underground trap-rock fusion.  

A brand making its way around the world with its design-led, graphic cosy-wear, Bad World gives VIPER an exclusive insight to the on-goings of the brand. We can’t help but admire the vision behind Bad World, their captivating illustrations emblazoned across a heavy-cotton hooded sweatshirt are a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. Offering just that, Bad world reigns on-trend with its gothic font-play and custom take on the infamous Thrasher Magazine logo. 

In recent years we’ve seen the hype around our favourite musicians turn fashion designers, reflecting a current mood through speciality merchandise of loud, punk-inspired graphics. Bad World takes influence from Young Thug’s Spider Worldwide and London designer Marc Jacques Burton, with both designers inspired by rock-led graphics.

Seen through the lens of founder Connor Richardson, we caught up with him for an exclusive interview with VIPER Style. Read the full interview below…

What is BAD WORLD? The name itself is inviting.

Bad World is a brand that sells style. I started Bad World almost three years ago now, I was sixteen years old just leaving school when I started it. It’s always only been me designing clothes in my bedroom. It started as just a hobby. I didn’t even sell the clothes in the beginning, I only designed them for myself, but after a few months of people showing interest, I established the brand. It was only this year that the brand took off and people all around the world started showing interest. As for the name, the meaning is a little negative, I just think that there is a lot of bad things happening in the world, even more now than when I started the brand. Fashion has always been the easiest way to express yourself, even in a Bad World. 

Whose lifestyle does BAD WORLD connect to? 

Although it is most popular in the underground alternative scene, I would like to think that Bad World is for everybody. Bad World is for anybody that has an interest in alternative fashion. 

With the fall season approaching, what can we expect from BAD WORLD? 

I’m working on a collection right now, I don’t want to reveal too much, but just know that I’m working hard on some new stuff. I want to be releasing bigger collections, more often. This fall season I’m hoping to be able to work on pieces other than T-shirts and hoodies and be able to offer a wider variety of products. 

What would you say inspired your creative outlook for the brand? Is there a design process that you’ve implemented, or is it all creatively free? 

I’m a big fan of both metal and punk culture, I take a lot of inspiration from both of these cultures when designing. My design process is completely creatively free, whatever comes to mind I write down in the notes app on my phone and draw up later. Quite often I don’t actually drop half of the stuff that I design, because I’m not completely satisfied with the quality of the design. 

Is there anything experimental you’d like to achieve at BAD WORLD? 

Definitely, I’d love to work on more cut and sew pieces, I’ve only done a couple so far, my favourite being a hat I called “BAD SEX,” with lots of spikes and patches. I took a lot of inspiration from both punk and metal culture when designing this hat. I love stuff like crust jeans, they’re extremely popular in punk culture. The idea is that when you get rips or holes, you cover them with patches, until the jeans are covered in patches, often using dental floss as thread. 

How can people engage and get acquainted with BAD WORLD? 

Honestly, my favourite type of people that follow Bad World, are the ones that communicate with me, the ones that give me feedback. Bad World is a big family and I have a lot of love for everybody that shows support to the brand. 

Bad World has a seasonal drop plotted and schemed for the fall, sported by London artist and presenter Luke Storey, Bad World has plans bolder than their stylistic direction, it’s time to get acquainted. 


With a lot in the pipeline for the AW Season, stay connected and follow @badworld@vipermagazine on social platforms and visit www.badworld.co.uk to shop the latest arrivals.

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