Here to bring you a little joy before the weekend, we have July 7 premiere to brighten up your Thursday afternoon…

Hailing from Manchester, July 7 returns with the latest in a line of superior singles. The stunning new track ‘Waistline’ heralds the arrival of a new project, set to be released in the near future.

The sonics of ‘Waistline’ make you feel like summer never left, as it weaves through dynamic dancehall influences. Speaking on the new release, he shared: “Waistline is a sensual, playful song that focuses on expression and having fun. It’s me dabbling with my Jamaican heritage and putting my own twist on things whilst keeping it hot and luxurious.”

Bringing a fresh sound to UK R&B with his seductive way with synths and deep pulsing rhythms, July 7 is an artist to pay close attention to. Leaning on dancehall influences, he incorporates strong doses of patois, braggadocio and raw, unfiltered energy which he uses to entice his lady of interest.

More than a vocalist, July 7 has mastered songwriting, production and engineering. His production has seen him collaborate with the likes of Young Thug, Travis Scott and Sango, amongst other global stars. His forthcoming project, ‘Rendezvous at 7’, is set to be a cross-Atlantic affair, and based on his previous EPs, ‘Sweets’ and ‘Chocolate’, we can’t wait to hear what’s next!



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