It’s name, Italian for the word ‘Feral”, meaning a species born in the wild, accustomed to life with no rules and no boundaries. The spirit of Ferino is reflected through the brands work ethic and brave decision to debut during a worldwide pandemic, get acquainted with Ferino, the UK brand launched in lockdown, now making its way around the world.


On the 1st of June 2020, Ferino’s brand director and founder, Manuel Antonio Buonaugurio debuted his collection titled ‘From Paris With Love’ which surprisingly sold out within a matter of days of the items orbiting the digital space. Manuel, born in Milan and a creative individual whose interest and attachment to fashion once slipped away, has been rekindled and with a lot of gas to fuel it. Going 100mph, Manuel has taken Ferino from a brand to a global community of over 5,000 people who follow his Instagram platform and flex Ferino’s statements on their cut and sew printed pieces.

We caught up personally with Founder, Designer and Director Manuel and asked him a few questions on the brand, where it’s going and what’s in store for us this coming AW season and months ahead.

So, What is Ferino? 

“FERINO is a brand for the people, a brand for a diversity. A brand that doesn’t limit itself to a certain market. I believe that everyone in the world is equal and should share equal opportunity in life. Your hobbies don’t matter, your sexual orientation doesn’t matter, the colour of your skin or the size of your waist doesn’t matter. Ferino is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle”.

You started the brand during a worldwide pandemic, at a time that was dark for many, you birthed a new fashion label in the midst of it, How was that for you? 

“LOCKDOWN was a dark place, you’re right. But I don’t just speak for myself when I say LOCKDOWN taught a lot of people very valuable life lessons. I was working 9-5 in a job I loved, thrived off but then boom.. suddenly I’m out of the hustle and bustle of a lively workplace environment to then being confined into my bedroom from morning to evening with not a lot of social interaction and not a lot of happiness. But it taught me one thing. If you’ve got a plan, a goal, a business, a life long dream, just go with it. And when you go with it and run with it, do it large. To this day I have gone 120MPH (with no clutch) with my business and that’s what I will continue to do because this is what I love and what I enjoy to do. If you have a passion or a talent, attack it with your all because it’ll pay off. Tenfold. Word”

It’s super impressive building a brand and it’sown culture in such a short period of time, what advice would you give to someone else who’s young, creative and trying to step into starting a brand? 

“I would advise anyone in the same boat to just go with what their heart & heads tell them but don’t disagree with positive feedback. In this game, it’s easy to be lead by your ego. To have the gut to say “ I’m gonna make a clothing line today” takes guts regardless. It’s a dog eat dog world. But who says you’ve got to be the dog? Be the Lion. Mistakes can always be made because we are only human so value your feedback and criticism because it’s a blessing in disguise”.

Manny, as the brand director and head-designer, would you say your upbring and experiences have aided you creatively with the brand? 

“So my mum moved to Milan when she was at the young age of 18 to study fashion. My mum is from Ghana, Not a word of Italian in her locker. To be able to move from Ghana to Milan at that age in that era was a real privilege. But she made it work. So that simple case study is living proof that if you have a vision and a passion, the world is your oyster and you can make something out of nothing.”

Who’s Ferino designing in mind of? The minimalistic design speaks I can imagine speaks to many people.

“Season one. Season one was built around simplicity. Simplicity leads to a wider audience. Simplicity is easier to understand, easier to interpret. Simplicity is easy to expand on if necessary. So Season one were my foundations. But expect to see more. The predominantly monochrome colourways make it easier to love & easier to wear in any occasion. Whether you’re about to hit the Skate park with your g’s or about to touch a meal with your family, season one gives you the option to step out in comfort. 
My aim is to tailor our pieces to as many different demographics of people. If they can wear FERINO why can’t you.”

Creatively, what inspires you and Ferino?

“The mission itself”.

‘From Paris With Love’, the first release from Ferino focuses on quality, shape and minimal design preferences over the materialistic appeal. The hoodies are triple-weaved to produce a heavy, box-like fit which cushions the body and leaves a stiff hood that sits on your shoulders. The collection made it on to the backs of North London’s Tion Wayne and is due to make its name know on the UK music scene, championing new angles of the creative spectrum”.

Is there an end goal in mind for the brand? and what can expect from Ferino for the rest of the year? 

“Short term my goal is to bring FERINO to all platforms possible to make it more accessible for our consumers to be a part of our journey. Harvey Nichols & Selfridges get @ me. My long term goal is to be recognised not just for success and prosperity but to be recognised for the mission. FERINO is living proof that something can be made out of nothing. Don’t hold back on your dreams. Sit down, make a plan and run with it. If it doesn’t work start again. It’s the work rate that’ll take you to the places you want to be. Expect to see consistency. We have an obsession with quality from start to finish and we have no plans on changing that. Our debut collection is currently live @ WWW.FERINO.CO.UK and will be until the end of the year, with new releases being infiltrated into a fresh collection from time to time. Stay in tune with VIPER for the latest updates. The takeover is imminent. From FERINO With Love”

The Ferino brand and direction is growing ever stronger and richer as it continues to surpass expectations in the streetwear jet-stream of hype. With a lot in the pipeline for the AW Season, stay connected and follow @ferinoworldwide & @vipermagazine on social platforms and visit www.ferino.co.uk to shop the latest ‘From Paris With Love’ collection.

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