The spearheading West London artist dropped his much-anticipated EP titled ‘TALK IS CHEAP’ at the midnight hour, and it’s one of his most profound work in the form of a head-turning, 8 track EP.

South London’s Peckham Audio firmed the mayhem caused at Finn’s headline show just before the lockdown period, which previewed the anthem of 2020 – ‘Pressure’, a highlight track on the ‘TALK IS CHEAP’ EP from the rising star of the West. Finn Foxell’s stimulating flows and bass-booted production is summed up in the EP as a breakthrough sound and his lyrics are not to be dismissed – speaking his truths with lyrical suave.

The first track ‘Coming in 3’s sets pace for the feel-good vibrations felt throughout the EP and leads us to two special features from female vocalists, Safiyyah & Sophie Demasi, who accompany Finn’s mystical sound with soothing notes on ‘Shout Me’ and ‘Herd’ – two new flavours from Foxell.

Foxell season is truly among us by dominating our streaming platforms and social media, the rising artist has kept it himself busy gearing up to the launch of ‘TALK IS CHEAP’ after hours on hours in the studio with some of London’s masterful producers as well as making up one of the five members of the rap group E/M (Elevation Meditation), hailing from West London.

The new sound from Foxell is now on all major streaming platforms and is available to stream now! Tune into all things Finn Foxell & Viper Magazine by following us on socials – @finnfoxell @vipermagazine

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