We’re back with Meet The Producers, this time we’re connecting with LA producer, BeatBoy, following the release of his NewDre album.

Firstly, briefly introduce yourself: What’s your name? Where are you from? How would you describe your production style?

What’s good! I’m BeatBoy, born and raised in Los Angeles, California; West LA to be exact. My production style is big and whimsical, melodic and bass / drum heavy.

What would you say are the most popular beats you’ve created?

The most popular beats I created are the songs ‘Run For Your Life‘, ‘Rude’, and ‘Tricc On Just Anybody‘ by 03 Greedo, ‘Nun Major‘ by Shoreline Mafia and a lot more honestly.

What is your favourite song that you’ve worked on and why?

My favorite song I worked on has to be ‘Admire’ with Omarion, Tank, and Problem because I was really young and it was a great learning experience because this was my first R&B placement I had gotten. Just being 18 around those legends was really exciting and an eye opener.  

Do you think that production software becoming more accessible is a positive or negative thing for music? Why?

I think it’s a positive thing that production software is more accessible because it’s a bunch of younger artist and producers/beatmakers are coming up and don’t have the support from family or peers and aren’t in a good financial position to get the music equipment/software. I remember being 15-18 having to use to the demo version of FL Studio (Fruity Loops Studio) because I didn’t have $600 to get the program, nor did my mom, so it’s a good thing to me.

Who influences you as a producer?

My influences are Pharrell and The Neptunes, Dr.Dre, DJ Battlecat, Cool & Dre, The Runners, DJ Quik, Warren G, Daz Dillinger, Jellyroll, 1500orNothin, Jake One, Mike & Keys, Hit-Boy, Roy Ayres, Teddy Riley, Bryan Cox, Terrace Martin, Justice League, Tyler Creator, the list goes on..

What inspires you to create instrumentals?

Everyday life inspires me; adversity, celebrations, my emotions, family and friends..  Just to wake up everyday and to be able to walk talk see and hear that inspires me to create instrumentals.

How did you begin making music? Was it a particular influence or circumstance?

Already having a love for music as a child, I was taught how to DJ at the age of 3-4 years old by my uncle. A few years later I started to play the drums in Church, wrote raps after that, got to junior high school and learned how to play the trumpet; After sixth grade, I started to pick up producing music… of course I was weak [laughs] but I stayed with it and by 15-16 years old – two or three years – later I began to come into my own artistry.

Were you ever involved in any other musical projects besides the ones you are doing now?

Yes I’m involved in majority of the major releases that’s been coming out of California since 2017 now, as well as a bunch of other projects that’s coming out of the UK & Japan. Shout out Wiley Eskiboy of the UK and Jp The Wavye out in Japan!

What, for you, is the perfect beat?

The perfect beat is a beat that’s a vibe, it has soul and feeling to it. Not just a synthesized glitchy sounding beat, but a beat with melodies and chords and change ups within the drum pattern of the beat.

Can you tell us about any projects coming up?

I have a project done with each artist on my debut album ‘NewDre’, so stay tuned and be on the look out for me and SlumLordTrill’s collab project, WhiteJohns and I’s project, WestsideStew, FatBoySse, NikoG4 the list goes on! 


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