Acia Studio A brand that encourages you to be yourself and not to follow the path that society dictates to you, has joined harmonious forces with Motivational speaker and author of ‘Good Vibes, Good Life’, Vex King #1 International Bestselling author filled with Positivity, Inspiration & Wisdom to curate an exclusive line of thought-provoking t-shirts.  

Originally planned to release earlier in the year but paused due to Covid-19. “We chose a punchy quote which is known to be a favourite for Vex’s follower, the words fit now more than ever as we begin to emerge from these testing times” – Suril, Acia Studio’s Director. 

The back features a Metatron’s Cube graphic. The graphic represents the journey of energy throughout the universe. It spins with energy to replace negative thoughts to positive ones. These are key beliefs for both Acia and Vex King synergising to create this collab.

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