Caviar Gabe releases new hit single titled ‘Melody Is Her Name’.

Caviar Gabe’s new hit single titled ‘MELODY IS HER NAME’ is an ode to music itself, with music and art being a lifesaver in many sources of the word.

Caviar Gabe being completely new to the London scene has a message to tell and a story to shape. During this period of isolation and throughout the year, Caviar Gabe has been writing and producing music non-stop as an internal release of expressionism. Caviar Gabe announces his Debut EP Spring of 2021 with singles arising from August 2020 onwards. The upcoming EP will encapsulate his witty lyrics with sweet melodies and true-life stories, translated through Hip Hop, alternative semi-jazzy beats with a trickle of rock and soul.

Caviar Gabe wears Helmut Lang for upcoming visuals for ‘MELODY IS HER NAME’

‘ I have always been very interested in the human mind and our soul purpose, always looking for the greater meaning and always have I wanted to make this world a better place, I have felt and seen too much to just ignore it, Music was always that thing that brought me back, out of anything I was going through. Music has the power to change minds, and I’m so grateful to be able to create it myself.’ Says Caviar Gabe

Caviar Gabe was raised with a very diverse mindset and drawn to art since a little boy and exploring music in his early teens, influenced heavily by 90s hip hop artists such as Tupac and OutKast, later residing in influence from his own life experience and artists like XXXtentacion, Santan Dave and Drake. Raised in South Africa, mixed-race British Rapper Caviar Gabe was accustomed to a life of many challenges including combatting the harsh racism of South Africa to becoming an active force in equal rights. With a Jamaican, Native American, British Mother and a British Italian father, both his parents being in the arts (mother as a model/spiritual healer and his father a Photographer). A young talent with a lot to offer voiced through his own distinctive sound.

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