P-rallel and Greentea Peng offer a fresh new remix from DJ & Producer Izzy Cofie A.K.A IZCO for the recently released ‘Soulboy’.

Releasing his 6-track EP ‘Soundboy’ in late summer to widespread acclaim, West London’s p-rallel called upon his peers to create a body of work that Wordplay Magazine described as, “defining London’s sound.” And with the dub and reggae influenced track ‘Soulboy’ featuring Greentea Peng’s hazy vocals deemed “immediate vibes” by Notion Magazine, the track now has a sublime remix from rising young DJ / Producer IZCO.

“It’s only right I drop a remix for Soulboy, it’s the full package that goes with the idea of being a Soundboy,” p-rallel says. In the absence of Notting Hill Carnival this year, he goes on to say, “we might as well embrace the vibe as much as we can, imagine this song being blasted out of a sound system on All Saints Road.” 

As one of the most in-demand tastemakers of his generation, 21-year-old p-rallel continues to push forward into unchartered territory, developing a reputation that most can only ever dream of. On his EP, he explains, “Soundboy is a representation of who I am and how I funnel it into my music. I am showing the audience a point of view of London that I have grown up in.” Despite his heady rise, he is only getting started. 

The track is available now to stream and download on all available platforms. Stay Connected with P-rallel by following him on socials @paralleltheory

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