Marilyn Monroes legacy lives on in the new BAPE capsule...

Considered to be the most photographed figure of the 20th century, Marilyn Monroe’s silhouette has left a lasting impression on global culture. Now BAPE’s latest capsule captures her legacy through a variation of classic ape-inspired designs.

Using six never before seen images, provided by the owner of the Marilyn Monroe estate, Tomoaki Nagao’s brand has incorporated their famous motifs into the glamorous photography of Hollywood’s former superstar. Colourful camouflage, collaged apes and BAPE’s signature lettering comprise the tee designs, which all come in black and white alternatives.

Even for a brand with such rich history of superstar collaboration, this is one of A Bathing Ape’s most prestigious to date. The capsule effortlessly embodies the beauty of both worlds – Hollywood and streetwear – but you might have to looking on resale sites if you want such a coveted release.

The items will be available on Saturday, August 29th at A BATHING APE® locations, BAPE.COM WEB STORE and ZOZO TOWN.

Words by Liam Cattermole

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