Local Geezers have made a great impression since entering the scene, cementing solid foundations in recent years thanks to their distinctive sound, creative videos, engaging podcasts and the emphasis on the quality of their work speaking for itself.

The Derby based collective spent 2019 performing in Nottingham, London, Birmingham & Leeds before headlining in their hometown of Derby. Their hard work was recognised by the likes of Reprezent Radio with The Pit LDN who invited the group for an interview to understand the inner workings. With the Geezers regularly airing on BBC introducing East Midlands w/ Dean Jackson it helped them to reach previously unheard audiences across the globe. This led to a BBC Radio 1Xtra first-play for their most recent release‘Break The Fast’on DJ Sideman’s show.

JimiDaKilla & Wiz (Local Geezers)

“We feel this is our best work to date collectively – Bringing the fun back into our music is something we have really been focusing on in 2020 – And this is amplified by the mood you create when you are in the studio – An enjoyable session is a productive one! “

Taking a break from regularly releasing music to explore new sounds and workflows in the studio, this 4-track project showcases some of the best snippets of the group individually and collectively. Working closely with Producer Ted Loco, the sounds on the tape range from the UK Trap/Rap style they are known for whilst delving into more experimental territories highlighting the duo’s versatility. 

The artwork designed by Rufus Wilson, pays homage to the recognisable British townhouse buildings, although this town house is in the sky reflecting on how the team have reached new heights.. Each of the Geezers main working space can be scoped through each window which is where the groundwork for the project was cemented. It is also the first release from the Derby boys which has not been recorded in a home studio!

Not wanting to get stuck in the same creative cycle we decided to try some new sounds which we can see appealing to different audiences”. Listen to the new EP from one of the north’s finely tuned group, Local Geezer’s here.

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