Megan Thee Stallion may have been in the news recently for things other than music, but let’s support our favorite Hot Girl by discussing the business that pays her.

Before the TMZ reports, Megan dropped an Eazy E-sampling track, ‘Girls in the Hood’. Eerie bars like “these b*****s mad mad, they wanna hurt me” seem more like subliminal messages after hearing of her recent injuries. The slow beat and her southern draw blend well with the gangsta Cali vibe Eazy E made iconic. Her rhythm and punch lines on the two minute track reinforce her nod to the southern rappers that came before her, like Juicy J. 

Despite dropping new music only three months after her last project, ‘Suga’, this single release came with drama of its own. Eazy E’s daughters, ReeMarkable and Ebie Wright, expressed opposing feelings about the remix. Reemarkable shared the struggles of her family trying to gain access to her father’s work for several years. Ultimately, she wished they had more control of his legacy than the label who gave Megan the final ok. Meanwhile, Ebie stated she had no problems with Megan Thee Stallion and appreciated the continuance of her father’s legacy through music. Simultaneously, she disowned ReeMarkable as her real sister claiming her rant was a ‘clout chase’. Although the two bickered back and forth via video, the tension seemed to be more about their personal family issues than Megan’s ‘Girls in the Hood’ track.

Take it all in and form your own opinion by listening to the track above and stay tuned for Megan’s collab with Cardi B, dropping this week…

Words by Amanda Q. Wallace

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