Making a name for himself on the UK grime and Rap scene in recent years, Mace The Great has driven forward his unique fluent flows and distinctive accent, shutting down stages across the whole of the UK. Mace The Great carries Cardiff on his shoulders with pride, and this evident love he holds for his
city is reciprocated tenfold by his local community. Keeping humble and true to his roots, he is quickly building the foundations towards global success.

Mace in the making of Brave. Image Courtesy of Red Brck

The new release is allied by a gripping visual in Mace’s playground, a place he calls ‘The Land Of The Brave’, a mention to his hometown. Commonly known for his lyrical riddims, not his accent, Mace The Great addresses his proud birthplace and subliminal statements on current world affairs through the lens of new-age creative director duo Red Brick. Produced by North-West London producer ‘Modest James’, ‘BRAVE’ propels Mace into a new stratosphere. He illustrates in the first verse, a series of powerful frames nodding to the Black Lives Matter affairs as he immerses himself in a room of news clippings emphasising the UK’s racist issue. A strong scene, speaking loud volumes. The hard-hitting anthem came naturally says Mace, speaking on the release he states ‘It’s me bringing people into my world, what I know”.

Watch the full video for ‘BRAVE’ here now .

Earning his stripes earlier on in his career known as Cardiff’s ‘man about town’ around town, he confidently set the pace for the city’s rap scene being one of few artists from South Wales championing P110, SBTV and JDZ Media platforms when they first started. Mace’s sound and vision has matured into a refined established chapter, organic fruition. The progression is obvious to see in the latest release ‘BRAVE’, the new statement-maker from Cardiff City’s Mace The Great.

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