Growing up on the East Side of Cincinnati, Roadrunner TB’s snappy singles have propelled him to the forefront of Ohio’s burgeoning rap scene. His debut project embodies American hip hop’s prestigious mixtape culture, with fiery two minute tracks showcasing dexterous depictions of hood politics and street living. 

‘Mind Of The Blender’ highlights an admirable vulnerability to TB, that’s rarely seen in such a macho music genre. One of our picks – ‘Dictionary’ – sees the rapper acknowledge his addiction to trapping, while observing the pursuit of music as a symbol of a cleaner lifestyle. Roadrunner touches on all the classic gangsta rap narratives fans could wish for, but his appreciation for vintage hip hop sub-genres makes him a particularly unique voice in the game. Elements of G-Funk find their way into the basslines of ‘Grow’, ‘Extras’ and ‘Walking Dead’, whilst ‘Street Sweep’ feels particularly melodic and sensitive.

Prolific in nature, this mixtape will be the first of many for Roadrunner TB, who you should definitely keep an eye on for the rest of 2020. For now, listen to Mind Of The Blender below.

Words by Liam Cattermole

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