Stepping out knowing the truth. Acting with awareness about the world we live in, that should be the spinal structure of our actions, right? It’s why we’re marching, educating and speaking loudly; with the hopes of illumination. It’s why we’re constantly saying ‘Nah’ to systemic flaws and challenging anyone saying otherwise. Or at least shining the brightest light directly into their face, if you can’t eradicate evil like that, then lets at least understand what we’re working with. Understanding through illumination.

Al-Doms is doing exactly this, through his chosen medium, music. His track ‘JUST ANUTHA’ is sound to get angry to, to get educated by, to act on. ‘JUST ANUTHA’ ripples personal – and more disconcertingly so- political and social truths that make you as mad as the beat that the lyrics are paired to. Vibrational enragement. Music to march to, to find your own words through.  

‘JUST ANUTHA’ is but a taste of what’s to come on Al-Doms forthcoming EP. You can watch ‘JUST ANUTHA’ up above, whilst staying tuned for what potency is sure to follow. 

Words by Anastasia Bruen

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