It goes without saying that the past few months have been heavy to say the least. An amalgamation of feelings are fitting for the times but in the midst of what renders to the haphazard state is a new found beauty and appreciation of the flowers that bloom in such moments. Ahead of the beautiful release of ‘Ain’t So’ – an iPhone visual envisioned, styled and shot by the highly creative being that is JGrrey, Viper catches up with the artist during quarantine.

I always believe that your day or week can really influence your mood. How’s your mood at the moment and how would you describe a day in the life of JGrrey?

At the moment? With all that’s going on in the world I’m just existing and doing MY part to fix what I can and make a difference.. .so my mood varies. From excitement to my music, to heavy sadness filled with anger, to exhausted, to “okay I guess” and it just goes round and round like that. I’m currently having a break at my parents’ place away from London, so that’s nice I guess.

For anyone unfamiliar with you as an artist, what projects or songs do you recommend they should listen to? 

Of mine? “Something”, “Happiness Seems A Hell Of A Guy”, “Feelings”, “God’s House” and “Half Full”.

So let’s talk about your projects and the creative direction. It’s evident that your style is exceptional. How would you describe that music making process from studio to music video?

There isn’t a process really? Is there? I don’t know I’m still figuring it all out. Music is an emotion, I just try and convey the same emotion visually as I have sonically I guess?

Talking more about style, what does it mean to you and if you could go back to an era what would it be.

Style used to mean a lot to me, recently I’m leaning on practically as Jen… and seeing what I can get away with as JGrrey… style wise and in general take me back to 2000.

If you could be in the studio with any artist from the past, who would that be and why?

Amy Winehouse…why? It’s AMY.

You’re definitely a dominant figure in the industry who has gained respect by many other artists in the same industry. I know you’ve been on tour with Billie Eilish, how was that experience? 

Touring and hanging out with Billie was crazy cool I wanna do it again and again and again forev.

So it only feels right that we talk about new music. I know that you’re releasing a new single. Would you like to talk to Viper about the single and if this is possibly part of a bigger project.

“Ain’t So”.. I wrote this for my fans I think. Not intentionally at the time.. but one of my fans Maya struggles with some of the same mental health shit I got and I had been speaking with her. The first line “things will get worse before they get better” will always be for the people struggling when they thing shit can’t get worse… but now In the current global climate it also feels quite fitting.

Are we expecting any visuals alongside the release?

Fuck yeah!

I’m always interested in the reason behind artists creating music. How do you want your music to make your listeners feel?

I Know Maya inspired some lyrics but to be honest I write selfishly a lot, it’s all quite therapeutic to be honest. I have to write… as Andre 3000 once said “I can’t afford to not record”.

What should Viper be listening to at the moment?

Viper listeners should be listening to Tungz, Harve, and Bel Cobain.

Finally, Viper has a Hip Hop Heavy influence pioneered by Rap. If you could be any rapper, who would it be and why? 

BIGGIE BABY… or maybe method man? Nah ODB!! That dude was CRAZY cool.

Interview by Rachel Abebrese. JGrrey wears clothing by Christopher Kane.

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