Young spearheading creative and artist Isaac Andrews responds to the current world issues by expressing his outlook and perspective through an illustrative design medium to achieve two significant garments titled “Until There’s Nothing Left To Fight For”. Isaac whose recognised online and across London for his matchless art and collage work, initially designed a digital collage of a UV print and applied it onto canvas for what contains images from the recent riots in Minneapolis and across the globe in protest for justice and protection of black lives. A detestable issue and problem VIPER is saddened to even be discussing, let alone fighting against in the climate that we live in today.

Artist Isaac Andrews describes the canvas as “Depicts the hope in times like these, with the fight still going on, and the idea that the fight will not stop until there is no one. No matter who’s left that needs fighting for. And this isn’t just black people fighting for it, it is everyone fighting for it. Hence I took out the eyes of the man on the left, to illustrate, firstly, to touch on the anonymity that many protestors want, because you have to understand it’s very dangerous for them, and they often ask to be removed from photos, but secondly, also to show how he could be anyone, no matter their race, age, gender etc. It’s moral, just people fighting against immoral, unjust people.”

In addition to the impeccable canvas which is not been announced for sale, yet, the ascending young talent that is Isaac Andrews has produced a twinning Platinum white Hoodie & T-shirt featuring a one of a kind graphic in memory of all the lives fallen due to racism and unlawful persecution of innocent black lives across the globe. The promotional video debuted on Isaac’s Instagram page contains a video collage of the riot with the product on show. All the profits from the tees and hoodies go to the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. 

The commemorative products are available to pre-order from now. #BLACKLIVESMATTER


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