What do Will Smith, Julian Castro, Steve Harvey, and Charlotte’s Fox News 46 meteorologist Nick Kosir have in common? They’ve all done the #WHORU challenge. Meet Jufu. 19 year old rapper from Brooklyn, New York. You’ve probably heard his songs Woah or Who R U on the social media app for videos, Tik Tok. With over 25 Million impressions, it’s no surprise that he captured the attention of numerous celebrities and athletes. JUFU is a complex artist who’s career started in social media at just 13 years old, now at age 19 he’s ready to make his transition into the music world. His debut mixtape, Get Used To Me, Is out now on all streaming services! Go stream below.  

Who is Jufu?

I’m a Haitian kid from Brooklyn who’s been trying to get noticed these past 7 years.  I think it’s finally happening.  I got my start making comedy skits and music parodies on Vine and (Tiktok).  I’ve had some success on social media and I’m ready to share my versatile sound with the music world.  

Whats your quarantine been like? Seems like you’ve been productive

I spent a lot of time home working before the quarantine, so not much has changed. Yes, I’ve been really productive. All of my music releases have been during this pandemic.  I’ve been busy making music, content, engaging with fans, interviews and virtual press events.  Trying to stay focused and inspired.  

You kind of recently signed to Island records, your first major record label, how does that feel?

It feels good. I know many people don’t get this opportunity and I’m very grateful. I met with several labels after the success of Who  R U.  The entire Island team from Darcus, LaTrice, Eric and Ziggy showed genuine interest in my long term development as an artist.  

Do you think being from Brooklyn/NYC has helped shape your sound?

 Definitely.  NYC, in fact BK is like its own separate country.  I’m Haitian.  NYC has so many different cultures and social classes, but somehow we can all end up together in a subway car, Uber pool, or classroom.  I’m inspired from all those interactions and believe it makes my music so versatile.  

You’ve been making music for a little while, but Woahh and Who R U really blasted you off, what’s that been like?

Surreal, as I said on track 4.  I started making content at 13 and all I ever wanted was to be recognized.  My childhood dreams finally are coming into fruition.

What’s one celebrity that did your challenge that really inspires you?

It was crazy seeing Michelle Obama dance to Woahh, but the highlight of Who R U’s success was Will Smith quoting my lyrics and tagging me on IG.  I’m a fan and admire how he was able to transition from music, comedy, and one of the most successful actors of this generation.  

Where do you plan on going from here (in the future)? Any milestones you want to reach personally or professionally? 

In the short term I’d love a successful project release.  So for those tuning in, that means I need you to stream and download *Prayer Hand Emoji*.  I can’t wait to see all the dances you create. I want to continue making music for years to come.  I hope to inspire people to follow their dreams and know that anything is possible.  

Is there a message you’re trying to send with this project?

I have been underestimated for a long time.  That inspired me to self-reflect and work harder.  I’ve grown so much this past year.  I feel great and have no plans of going anywhere, so “Get used to me.”  That’s the message.

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