Introducing London’s newest kid on the block LZee, a 16 year old Londoner born and raised. With a now rich and bountiful archive of UK music to pull from, the culture has prepared a strong foundation for this talented artist to emerge from. LZee’s mixtape titled  ‘L4zy Town’ is a Kaleidoscope of eclectic sounds flowing from, laid back chill vibes to lightly jazz-influenced tracks.  The ‘Colourful Stoner’ produced an exciting and radio ready mixtape that invites its listeners into LZee’s playground, where his lyrical playfulness and boisterous delivery is impressive. 

We sat down with the promising young artist to learn about his earliest influences and what we are to expect in the near future1. 

Who is Lzee and where does the name originate? 

I’m Lzee and the name comes from a tag that people used to call me which was Y.Lz I just changed it to Lzee

What’s your earliest memories of music? 

Hip hop artists like Jay-z and Kanye and I used to hear a lot of UK garage being played in my house aswell.

How would you describe your genre of music? 

I’m not sure, because I’m quite versatile I think it’s hard to put me into just one genre so I would just say UK Rap

Your talent is unquestionable, but what do you think are your best attributes as an artist? 

I think my flow is one of my attributes and I also can spit on different types of beats

What is it like growing up in North London? 

It was calm growing up in north London pretty normal like anywhere elseIn London.

Who and what inspires the music you create? 

Artist like Skepta, Chip and Jay z

As your track may suggest, are you a fan of the series Gavin & Stacey? 

I’ve seen a few episodes 

 How was it working with producer JT?

Sick! Jt is a musical genius we’ve I’ve been working with him for like 2 years now and we work very well together.

You’ve invited a friend to LAZY TOWN. What can they expect to see there? 

They would see nothing but vibes

Name 3 artists you’d love to collab with.

Octavian Skepta and Aj tracey

What can we expect from the L4ZY TOWN mixtape? 

A fresh sounding mixtape, straight bars but also a mix up of vibes on the different tracks.

What inspired the project’s artwork?

I wanted cartoon portrait of me in front of lazy town

And what can we expect from Lzee this year? 

More bangers!! be ready!!

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