If you had a spirit animal, what would it be?

Probably a cat.  

Name something you’ve discovered that you didn’t know before since isolation.

Didn’t know Babyface produced Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy.

Who was the last person you saw in-person (can not be someone you live with) and do you remember what you spoke about? 

I think it was my best friend, Omo, we spoke about her life after grad and jobs. 

Recommend one book, film or series to binge on right now. 

I’m binging The Mentalist again so would definitely recommend. 

Favourite movie quote?

“It’s really about control, my body, my mind. Who was going to own it? Them? Or me? I’m not a one-man woman. Bottom line.” 

Nola Darling – She’s got to have it 

What’s your biggest addiction right now?

Making breakfast and my evening workout.

Coronavirus spreads across the world but turns everyone into a

superhero. What are your powers?

Flight! Long as I can fly I’m good. 

What are the effects of self-isolation on your creative process?

It’s helping me look into deeper pockets that I wouldn’t have touched before. I’m learning and consuming more information than I have in a very long time. 

What project do you have on repeat right now?

Exodus by Bob Marley.

What time of the day are you most productive?

In the morning! I get up between 7am and 9am everyday and I just fire on. 

What keeps you motivated during isolation?

The thought of what I can become with all this free time. I haven’t been this free since like secondary school. I’m always on the move, so settling down now isn’t half bad. 

Everyone gets to leave their house and go wherever they like, no limits, for 24 hours only. Describe how your day goes.

Wake up, meditate & shower! (If I was in Lagos) I’d hit up my girl Ayo to pull up to my crib. We’d probably have a drink and then hit up our other friends, then I think I’d have a beach day. I really miss the beach. The beach with my girls then party in the night time for sure.

Photography by Eazy Visuals.

Interview by Rachel Abebrese.

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