A 4/20 Exclusive for the La Verna EP track ‘Run It Back’ from the North London Artist.

The bass-booted anthem taken from Skins Corleone’s latest EP ‘La Verna’ takes you for a cinematic ride into the Portuguese hills whilst driving a supercharged Porsche. ‘Sipping on the best wine, you know how I get mine’, a lyric from that stood out in the track and gives a taste for Skins’ lifestyle that he fluently raps. Captured through the lens of Director Ruben Vale who filmed the entire video in Portugal, creatively teamed alongside Skins Corleone who additionally produced the official music video with long term creative collaborator and photographer Elliot Braithwait, resulting in nothing shy than a movie.

The La Verna EP caught waves from its release in August 2019 with ‘Run It Back’ and a string of tracks featuring the likes of Maverick Sabre, Cadell & Veto Corli to name a few, all produced by Beecher, a beat tastemaker and frequent collaborator of Skins Corleone. Not only is this the first video to have been produced from the EP, it’s also an exclusive first watch here on Viper.

Watch the full video for ‘Run It Back’ by Skins Corleone below

‘Run It Back’ is available to stream and download on all major streaming platforms now. Keep your eyes and ears locked to all sounds Corleone by staying connected and follow @vipermagazine @soldnott0ld

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