‘Pray 4 Love’, Rod Wave’s most recently released album, has brought a lot of attention to the Floridian rapper’s name once again. At the end of last year, Rod Wave gained recognition for his Ghetto Gospel mixtape. Now, age 20, only just finishing teenage years, Rod Wave has dropped ‘Pray 4 Love’. An album that soundtracks his melodic voice, a body of work that hears him speak about troublesome times growing up, lament of his father’s incarceration, loss of loved ones and more. 

The album is relatively concise, with no big names featured on the collection of tracks. With fans hearing a lot of Rod Wave’s emotional expression throughout his melodic rap style.

It’s clear Rod Wave wanted to express the pain he’s experienced. This gives off a relatively sad mood to the tracks. Creating the album into something which will most definitely reach a lot of people, ultimately connecting with Rod Wave. Lyrically, It’s clear this project is sentimental to Rod Wave and will no doubt be another to add to an already impressive résumé of work.

You can listen to Pray 4 Love here.

Words by: Kai Brophy

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