A collaboration which we understand goes deeper than a thread and needle through the cloth of Daily Paper‘s premium cotton. It’s a seamless connect of culture voiced by sound and design stemmed from the masterminds Kida Kudz & Jiggy Boyz to further bond the feeling of a creative community. Daily Paper meets Jiggy Boyz Family Club with an exclusive collaboration line.

The Jiggy Boyz Entertainment family brand joins forces with Amsterdam’s Daily Paper, whose inspiration is drawn from the African heritage of its own founders, together with the passion for contemporary fashion, both Kida & DP have teased the collection on social media platforms, notably becoming a stand out uniform for Jiggy Originator Kida Kudz. Rightfully so, the collection goes crazy.

Daily Paper is renowned for designing enduring graphic prints styled with inviting selections of colour, and it goes to show in this profound link up with Jiggy Boyz Family Club. The Daily Paper x JBFC collection consists of a statement graphic tee that gets a retro-future impression on an iconic eagle print and exclusive logo. The T-shirt is then to be worn with a casual tracksuit, matching sweater and pants slapped with the branding of the two statement makers. Accessories come in the form of a “wave cap” (isolation essential for staying wavey at home) and boxer sets.

Set to launch on the Daily Paper site for April 17th 2020. Stay connected with Daily Paper & all things Jiggy Boyz Entertainment by keeping your eyes and ears locked into Viper.

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