The acceptance of guidance is a challenge for most in the world of art. Many artists find themselves battling expectations in an unimaginable way. It can be relieving to have the support of courageous individuals that aim to assist and appreciate the unknown. Luckily, the world is filled with tremendously gifted people looking to uplift and innovate through collaborative efforts. Creative Director & Choreographer Nick DeMoura has entered the universe to inspire and educate the masses . Whether you admire his ability to lead or become fascinated with his marvelous work ethic, the talent is undeniable. Nick has been blessed to work with the likes of Usher, DJ Alesso, Ariana Grande & many more. His remarkable taste and incredible vision continues to allow him to cultivate some of the most fascinating masterpieces of our time.

DeMoura spent his childhood developing his skills and exploring his imagination in Fall River, MA. Many days he found himself captivated by the endless realm of entertainment and creativity being witnessed. From studying his favorite music videos to organizing dance crews and talent shows, it was apparent that DeMoura found his passion. Early inspirations such as 112, Backstreet Boys & *NSYNC gave him the confidence and willpower to succeed as a choreographer. After years of hard work and discipline it was finally time for him to establish himself on a professional level. Nick was fortunate enough to earn a scholarship through the Monsters of Hip Hop program based in Los Angeles.

“My goal moving to LA was to be the

next Gene Kelly or Charlie Chaplin.”

Fresh out of high school and ready to take over the world, it was a moment of excitement and joy that fueled Nick. He spent the first couple years paying dues and building a name within the dance community. “My goal moving to LA was to be the next Gene Kelly or Charlie Chaplin. Those guys did it all. Sing, dance, performed, and directed every film they ever made. Especially Charlie Chaplin, he started his own production company, directed his films, starred in his films, choreographed his films. That to me is like on the level of where I hope to get to one day.” He would then establish himself as one of the most elite choreographers in the industry. From contributing to major companies such as Disney & Nickelodeon to working on many feature films, it was evident that Nick was laying down the foundation for an extremely bright future.


In 2012, Nick would find himself as the Creative Director & Choreographer for Justin Bieber’s BELEIVE World Tour. After years of building rapport with Justin, it was evident that Nick was ready for more responsibility. His knowledge and respect for the history of choreography and music video culture is a rarity that allows him to raise the bar and do the impossible. It wouldn’t be long before the trust was established and history was being made. In 2016, it was time to focus on the PURPOSE World Tour. Nick was determined to be undeniable in every way. He served as the production designer overseeing everything from lighting to stage design. Night after night it was evident that something special was happening. The tour would go on to be a success grossing over $250 million worldwide. DeMoura solidified himself as one of the most elite in the industry. Soon after he would find himself working as Creative Director for Ariana Grande’s HONEYMOON Tour. DeMoura has relentlessly given his time to making art that has an impact. Rather than following trends or doing the bare minimum for a paycheck, Nick takes pride in creating with love and passion. He constantly reiterates the importance of doing the work and believing in yourself. Having faith and remaining consistent are the key ingredients.

Nick has displayed an incredible amount of consistency as of late teaming up with Bieber for Changes: The Movement. Each week you can expect a brand new music video premiering on Justin’s YouTube channel. Every Monday and Wednesday at noon (ET) you will experience a visual voyage unlike anything you’ve ever seen. And don’t expect DeMoura to slow down anytime soon. The same company that once offered him a scholarship has now hired him to provide his greatness. He hopes to one day collaborate with Justin Timberlake, one of his many idols that inspired him early on. He also plans to release a clothing brand along with more passion projects to share with the world. It’s apparent that Nick DeMoura is on a mission to teach and shape minds for the better.

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