If your reminisce back to January to the eventful Men’s Fashion Week Season in Paris, there was one sneaker brand that left an undisputed cultural footprint on the fashion week circuit who goes by the name of Naked Wolfe, now it’s time to get acquainted.

Naked Wolfe have come back to Paris for the eventful womens season in full force for another successful fashion week. Tackling the grey skies and rain on the frontline streets of Paris, Naked Wolfe had the pleasure of producing a full-length gripping Paris Editorial featuring the city’s influential faces in addition to championing their unique showroom design hosting SS20’s styles.

The street-inspired and “Fashion week perfect” editorial showcases the brands most adored styles across both luxury sneakers and stylish boots capturing the vision of Naked Wolfe and through the lens of art director and frequent LA collaborator Hypemari on the streets of Paris prominently during the illustrious Paris Fashion Week womens. Browse the full Paris exclusive editorial below and shop the styles featured throughout online now at

Naked Wolfe hold no boundaries especially when it comes to making themselves known. Paris became the brands artistic canvas and they plastered across the city, a stunning street marketing campaign gripping the attention of thousands of Parisians throughout the whole fashion week frenzy. Presenting campaign artworks all across Paris and prominently in the fashion districts of the city.

The kickstarting campaign reflects our inner animal instincts on a bold black and white poster reading “BE PART OF THE WOLFE PACK”, a smart play on words and interactive QR Code surprisingly greeting with you the brands Instagram page once scanned. Paris, expect to see a poster near to you!

Shop the styles and more from now and stay connected by following @nakedwolfe on social channels.

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