NLE Choppa wears Jacket Diesel, Tank Tres Rasche, Jeans Balenciaga, Sneakers Balenciaga
Traditionally, the average 17-year-old is in 6th form or college awaiting their quest to university but this is not the case for young Bryson Lashun Potts better known to his fans as NLE Choppa. Viper takes to the courts, a familiar space for the rapper to find out some quick facts about the mastermind behind ‘Shotta Flow’.
Would you like to start off by introducing yourself to Viper. Who is NLE Choppa?

He’s a rapper. NLE Choppa is a rapper!

Talk to us about your early life and growing up in Memphis? How did you switch from basketball to music?
I wanted to do something elsewhere I would be able to hold myself accountable, If something went wrong it would be my fault alone. It was something I wanted to do independently.
NLE Choppa wears left to right:  Jacket Diesel, Tank Stylists own, Jeans Balenciaga, Sneakers Diesel.
Jacket Diesel, Tank Tres Rache, Jeans Balenciaga, Sneakers Balenciaga
You’ve had a pretty successful career so far at such a young age. Who inspired you as an artist and what kind of stuff did you grow up on?

Lil Wayne… Lil Wayne!! We’re kinda similar in that we both started real young.


‘Shotta Flow’ was the first time I discovered you musically and I think this may be the case for a lot of people. talk to me a bit about that record and what it represents

It represents a blessing. A true blessing. It changed my life.

NLE Choppa wears from left to right: Jacket Diesel. 
Jacket Kid Super Tres Rasche, Jeans Balenciaga, Sneakers Diesel
You’ve done several collabs including working with Blue Face and Kodak. How was this experience?

It’s a joy because you’re working with people that you’re seeing on TV. It’s crazy.  I got some new ones goin’ on too! I got something goin’ on with my dawg Roddy Ricch.

You’ve released a few singles this year. Are we expecting an album from you in the near future?

My album is gonna be the hardest shit EVER! The hardest shit in the world.


Finally, if you weren’t in music, what would you be doing?

On the block.

Photographer: APtheangel @aptheangel
Stylist: Jonatan Mejia @1jonatanmejia
Art Direction: Kashmir Wickham @kashmirwickham
Production: Chris Valere @Valeretheysay
Interview: Rachel Abebrese @rchelaba

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