In an industry that seems to have a catalyst to each genre, music in London is at a height with new talent sparking up from multiple directions. M.O are not strangers in this game and have made a stand for themselves as a cool, fresh and innovative girl band that is here to stay. A trio comprised of the three females known as Annie, Chanal and Nadine M.O have proved themselves as versatile vessels within the R&B scene bragging collaborations with home and international talent. Having just released their ‘Ex At The Party’  Track Viper chatted with the girls to find out more about the present, past and the future.

Would you like to start by introducing yourselves to Viper. Talk to us about how you became a trio and how you got to present day M.O. 

ANNIE: So we are M.O, we’re a trio made up of Annie, Chanal and Nadine, and we’re just basically 3 girls who are obsessed with R&B/urban music! When we first formed there wasn’t much R&B music around , so we thought we need to do it ourselves, bring back the music we’re obsessed with.

Nadine and I had been friends for a while – writing music together.  We came across Chanal on the Fader – she was tipped as an upcoming R&B star of the UK and we reached out to her.  Loved her voice and her writing.  We jumped in the studio and the rest is history!!  We’re lucky that we all share a same vision and love of the same music.  But we also bring 3 different angles and personalities to the group – which we think is important.

(Bikini by Prix Workshop, Body Suit by Alice Elizabeth Clarke, Jeans by Rokit Vintage and Trainers by Nike.)

(Coat by Rokit Vintage and Necklace by Topshop)

There are so many girl bands from the U.K that have done amazing both nationally and globally. I can think of the popular groups such as Spice Girls and then personal favourites such as Misteeq and All Saints. Have any of these influenced you individually or collectively. 

ANNIE: I absolutely loved Misteeq they were a massively influence for me, and my older sister used to listen to all saints and I remember loving how they dressed! Baggy clothes, chilled vibes! I remember thinking I wanna dress like them they’re so cool lol! And funnily enough now I think all 3 of us dress in more men’s clothes than women’s! Looool! We love the individuality of the Spice girls and the strong female empowerment messages they brought.

(Coat by Rokit Vintage, Belt and Necklace by Topshop and Trainers by Nike.)

(Jacket by Bogdan Daria, Bodysuit and Leather Trousers by Rokit Vintage and Necklace Stylists Own.)

I think it’s great for females to work together. What skills do you think you have as individuals that drive you together. 

ANNIE: All three of us are very pro-women and we’re all feminists. We just love to see other females be successful and succeed. That’s what actually drives us.  We’re all completely on the same page when it comes to women empowerment, boosting other women and encouraging each other and championing other women. We love encouraging other women, we love making other females feel like they can do anything they want to do in this male dominated industry.

In terms of M.O – we love the fact that we each bring different things.  Nadine loves writing and is happiest in the studio.  I love being on stage and performing. And Chanal’s a great rapper/ poet, really into fashion…

We work well as a collective and it feels good to be able to lean on each other when we need it.

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(Hat by Kangol, Shades Stylist’s Own, Earrings by Sameer Jewellery and Necklace Model’s Own.)

Let’s talk about music. Would you like to take me through how this process works for you. 

NADINE: We all love going into the studio and getting involved in the process, we usually start by going through all the music the producer has and find something we all really connect with, then we usually start with melodies! Then of course the concept! Love a good concept we can all remake too, it’s usually something we’re all going through at the time! LOL!  I particularly love writing and will go myself to the studio whenever I can.

(Hat by Kangol, Corset Top by Elin Manon, Shirt by Bogdan Daria, Trousers by Prix Workshop, Trainers by Nike, and Earrings by Sameer Jewellery.)

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(Chanel wears – Coat Rokit Vintage, Belt & Necklace Topshop, Trainers Nike
Nadine wears – Jacket Bogdan Daria,
Bodysuit & Leather Trousers Rokit Vintage Necklace Stylist own
Annie wears – Jacket Bogdan Daria, Trousers Rokit Vintage, Shades Stylist Own, Earrings Sameer Jewellery)

I know you have had a range of collaborations. How has this experience been and are there any artists or producers you would like to work with in the future? 

NADINE: We love collabing and feel so lucky to have the collabs we have and also the producers we’ve been lucky enough to work with! I think we all have a dream of collabing with Drake one day. Girls can dreammmm looool! Producer wise we’re still waiting for that call Jae5 … haaaa

We’re about to go on tour with Mr Eazi – he’s been a continuous collaborator. Its great as a lot of them are friends so you have a genuine bond that extends outside of the just that one record.  Or they’re people we have come up with.

After watching a few of your music videos, something that is constant for me is your style as a collective. How would you describe your individual tastes? 

CHANAL: I would describe my taste as rebel R&B with a dash of ROCKSTAR. I’m always down to put a music vid/stage on fire, no matter where we are performing. I have to bring a controlled attitude but crazy b*tch behaviour with respect for our audience and fans. There’s no fun in mediocrity. If your not bringing your own flavour and taste a band is pointless.

What’s the biggest challenge of being a girls group in 2019? 

CHANAL: The biggest challenge being in a group for me is probably a lot different to the other girls. Creating a band and joining a band are two different things. Creating a band requires a good connection and a genuine love. While, Joining an already established band also requires all those things but on top of those; fresh ideas and a fresh approach. It can be a lot of pressure to bring something NEW because the fellow band members and team expect a lot from you, but it’s all part of the process and it will always be an honour to be the new eyes and ears of M.O. pressure or no pressure.

What does the future hold for M.O. Are there any further avenues you would like to venture into?

ANNIE : Future for M.O…I think we would all say an M.O album and tour will be next year which we can’t wait for! We have an E.P coming out beginning of next year and that will give everyone a little taster of what’s to come do the album! We’re constantly in the studio writing music coming up with new stuff and we just want the rest of the world to hear it!

Creative Direction by  Kashmir Wickham.
Photography  by Kim Lang.
Styling by Kashmir Wickham.
Make Up by Monique Monroe.
Hair  by Sam Roman.
Photo Assistant  Ciaran Christopher.
Styling Assistant Sarah Mueller.
Hair Assistant  Indea Lewis.

Interview by Rachel Abebrese.

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