Watch: DOLAPO “Down” ft. Louis Rei

Who is Dolapo?

A confident, independent and talented Girl BOSS.

Your song ‘Blink Of An Eye’ has a very classic love story vibe to it. What does the song mean to you?

I still love this song, it was probably one of my favourites to write. The story of falling will always feel like a classic and timeless story. It hasn’t happened for me yet but I still do love when people reach out to me to tell me how they and a loved one relate to the song and that it describes exactly how they feel.

Your more recent release ‘Down’, featuring Louis Rei is a dance floor banger waiting to happen. How fun was this record and video to make? 

Hella fun, Louis was mad cool to work with too! There was no brief or idea of what type of song we wanted when we wrote it, so the whole vibe just came naturally. That’s the best way really

Congratulations on the recent performance on WSTRN’s Double3ak tour. What was that experience like?

Thank you! I was shocked I even got invited but it was definitely a fun experience. I love being able to take something away from everything I do so it was a major eye opener for what I would want when doing my own tour one day etc.

How do you feel about the song’s (Down) comparisons to Stefflon Don?

I actually wasn’t aware of those comparisons! She is a very talented and stunning artist but she wouldn’t have been my first thought. I take her more as a sick rapper who can sing too. However, I’m just a singer. I would love to work with her though, I think we’d make some fire.

How is the UK scene feeling at the moment – are there any rappers you especially rate or would be interested in collaborating with?

Thank you! The UK urban scene is killing it right now! We’re in the top 20s and top 10s! We’re definitely in the front seat right now and I hope it continues for as long as possible. As for who I would like to collaborate with, I would say Chip, he’s shown me a LOT of love already, Stefflon Don, Skrapz and Burna Boy are all doing incredible things.

You’ve got great style, but how important is fashion to you?

Thanks! My interest in fashion is definitely growing. Especially because I’m constantly shooting music videos and photos. I’m starting to understand how my style helps people identify and relate to me. I think growing up in such a cultural and vibrant city like London, my style is something that just naturally developed without much thought.

What are your favourite fashion labels?

NIKE! I’ll be honest, I still live in the studio so comfort is key. 9/10 times you’ll catch me in tracksuits, jogging bottoms, cargo pants etc.

What’s next for Dolapo?

More music! I’m so excited about my releases this year. I also have some features that I can’t wait for everyone to hear! 

In the meantime, you can listen to Dolapo’s new single, ‘Skin’ below.

Stream ‘Skin‘ here. 

Interview: Dre DecarloCreative Direction & Styling: Kashmir Wickham | Photography: Kim Lang | Make-up: Merveille Wonder | Hair – Remedy Hair and Beauty


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