How’s your time out in Los Angeles and is this your first Rolling Loud?

Jazz: I’m one of the very few Rolling Loud alumni man, It’s crazy to see how big it becomes. It’s cool to see to me from being on two festivals until now. It’s legacy at this point.

Tell me about your early beginnings in Toronto, I know you also moved around a lot as well. How did that affect your growth as an artist?

Jazz: It’s probably been a lot but I don’t notice it, I try not to let it affect me. I try to grab something from everywhere I go. I try to live in the moment and that’s the biggest thing I take from my travels.

No, that you’re with Universal what’s the difference between your previous album and Fleurever now that you have a major label deal?

Jazz: Nothing, just more money being involved. You can stay independent for so long until you get to a point where you want to reach another level. That’s really where my heads at, obviously try to do deals that are in favor with your situation.

How do you feel about the reaction to Fleurever now that it’s been out since the summer?

Jazz: No cap man, if you saw the Rolling Loud performance today then you know what the fuck is going on…I’m the best bro, I’m the best performer that niggas have ever seen. If they don’t know me that’s okay but they are going to fuck with me straight up. After every question just put I’m the best.

You’ve only had a couple collaborations and a couple people that you rock with. Is there a certain reason behind this?

Jazz: I got a hell of friends and people I’m cool with, but I’m just not the type of nigga that says yo let’s work on a song. I feel like I got to be cool with them for 2-4 years before I ask them to be on a song. It’s just not in my nature to force it, but since I’ve been on it next year I might drop something with a lot of features with people I’m actually cool with. I like organic shit, I’m not just doing stuff to get my streams up.

How do you not get caught up in the streaming era hype?

Jazz: I’m not a streaming era artist, people have to realize that. My first project came out and Pitchfork gave it a 7.5 or something. I make art and yea I have to adapt to the times but, that’s not me and I let my art speak for its self. I’m the best man, I was born March 19, 1993, on my mamma.

Outside of your project, what are some projects you really rock with this year?


1. Saba – ‘Care For Me’

2. Saba – ‘Care For Me’

3. Saba – ‘Care For Me’

Maybe Astroworld too.

How was the Not A Cult tour with Saint JHN?

Jazz: I’m the best performer there ever was man, Jazz Cartier. Tell your mamma, sister, ex-boyfriend tell everyone.

What’s on the horizon in 2019 for you?

Jazz: Trying to be great and to get better, niggas are going to tell you I’m the best next year.

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