Your music and video style has been developing ever since you released your first single in 2017 ‘All That’. What are your intentions with the work you create?

My sound and the vibe is evolving all the time with each single. I’m going to be putting out quite a big change from the pop-vibed tracks that I’ve released. Heading in a more subtle, chilled direction. It will show a completely different side of me, which is important.

I’m still developing my style as a songwriter and as a singer. So I want my work to reflect my journey. In terms of my visuals and videos; my intention is to get more involved with the full direction. I’d love to direct one, at some point further down the line. For now I just like my music, I want to keep progressing from the three videos I’ve put out.


You’re a supporter of many female artists – if you had the opportunity to get in the studio with anyone who would it be?

Oh wow… asides from my obvious first choice which would be Rihanna… I’m going to say Sia. I think she is probably one of the best writers in the world. And if we were in the studio, I’d be really interested to see what we’d come up.

 Style and fashion seem to be an organic part to you. Have clothes always been important?

 How I dress is one of the most important things to me because it’s how I express myself, not only as an artist but as a person. Fashion and clothes are important in so many ways. People can listen to my music and hear what I have to say without the visual message of who I am, but how I dress and present myself adds another layer to that.


Your next single ‘Confused’ is out later this month. What can we expect from the sound and visuals for this?

The sound of ‘Confused’ is a big contrast from all three of the singles that I’ve already released, especially my previous track ‘Nothing Matters’. With all my music it is really important for me to release work that I have been 100% involved with – the whole creative process, writing, and production. ‘Confused’ is more chilled but still and has a strong hook. We’ve blended R&B and pop in a unique way… almost creating a new genre.

This year has been a great start to you releasing music, what can we expect 2019?

I’m going to be releasing quite a few singles, I’m keen to get an EP out into the world. It’s the best way to showcase what I’m about as an artist, even with just three or four songs. And then maybe towards the end of the year, who knows, maybe an album! I’d like to get a female collaboration under my belt. I’m already in the studio with a great female artist… so hopefully you may hear a track or two there.


Team Credits:
Talent: Abisha – @Abisha
Styling + Interview: Jack Morgan – @jck.mrgn
Photographer: Louis Browne – @louis_browne


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