If we’re talking mixtapes and not albums then my favourite mixtape has to be Tory Lanez – The New Toronto 2. The mixtape on a whole is so gritty, I can really hear the hunger Tory Lanez had when he was recording the tunes. Even the cover is cold – DPMO.

The first time I heard it I was in my room in the dark just taking in the vibe, it’s so wavy. Real talk, the first one was pure crud so he balanced out the whole “New Toronto” series with the second instalment which was very saucy and less aggressive.

I wouldn’t say the mixtape came into my life at a significant time but I can definitely relate to a lot of the messages and stories within the tape itself. The cover is hard, very very wavey. I rate it still, the cover itself and the colours match the vibe of the music.

Unfortunately I don’t own a physical copy. In fact I don’t think I own a physical copy of any music, it’s all streaming and downloads now. If I could describe the tape in 3 words? Ermmm .. crud, swavey, vibes.

My favourite tune on the tape has to be ‘DopeMan Go’ if I’m honest. ‘Bal Harbour’ is up there too but ‘DopeMan Go’ just edges it. The melodies are cold, the sauce is dripping and if I’m honest I think Tory just had a moment on that one – it’s a hit still.

I couldn’t even put a price on this mixtape to be honest. Talent is priceless.

Words by Izzie Gibbs

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