Pasha is truly one of the most exciting hip-hop acts emerging from Norway’s rap-scene. Despite being only 23 years old, Pasha has already created buzz in media such as NME, Clash Magazine, Rap Nation, Highsnobiety and Rap City with his unique and playful style.

Blending nostalgic 90’s vibes with quirky, playful and funky hip-hop, Pasha’s first singles, ‘Around the Area’ and ‘Colorblind’ received great feedback topping Spotify’s viral lists all over Scandinavia and being featured on The Ride Channel and YouTube tastemakers Rap City. His recent radio bangers “Prettyboi Bounce” and “I Don’t Speak French” became instant classics in the Nordic youth scene with multiple listings on Norway’s biggest radio stations and hype in the international blog scene.

Building his following through the live scene, Pasha played more than 40 shows in 2017 including shows at XGAMES in Oslo, Øyafestivalen, Slottsfjell and Skral. Looking down 2018, Pasha might play even more as his explosive live shows has just started to erupt outside of Norway, playing shows in Switzerland and Denmark.

 With new music and big shows coming, things are looking up for NME’s spotlight artist. Featuring productions from Grammy Nominee Coucheron, Pasha continued to blend his attitude and 90’s flow with upbeat electronic funk, securing support from Rap Nation and Clash Magazine with his single P.Y.G.

It’s finally album time. Titled “PARK.”, Pasha salutes the people who has been cheering him on as well as his many experiences during his many live shows the past years. Being talked about as one of the great live acts from the Scandinavian urban scene, Pasha has been building his following steadily through delivering everything he’s got, every night. You can find live recordings from his headliner show in Oslo different places in the album, serving as skits, intros, outros as well as bridges, providing Pasha’s charisma and energy.

 Continuously inviting new talent into his atmosphere, “PARK.” includes features from up and comers such as RebMoe, Soul Gem, Henrik The Artist and Jimi Somewhere, many who have also have been included in the artist’s explosive live act.

The album also lists several well-known producers, including the Grammy-nominated artist and producer Coucheron, electro heavyweight Ketil Jansen of Lemaitre, Henrik The Artist from Rytmeklubben, Jerry Folk, JNS and also some of the power behind Norway’s latest pop boom; Odd Martin Skålnes and Askjell Solstrand.

Peep Pasha’s Pudding below.

Pasha’s PARK. will be released May 25 via Toothfairy.

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