Combine a food obsession with a seriously gangster attitude and you get MOOK Pancakes. It’s THE Pancake spot in Amsterdam, serving up the sweet and savoury treats to the coolest beats.

Inspired by everything hip hop, the venue is filled with rap references. So Viper caught up with the duo who run the joint, Sten and Sammy, to get the lowdown.

 Why did you decide to start a pancake restaurant?

About five to six years ago the idea was born for MOOK. [Amsterdam] was missing a cool, laid back place, where you could eat American Pancakes with friends and family. Not a typical outdated Dutch pancake restaurant. Instead a fresh, minimalistic, urban interior venue with fluffy pancakes, fresh healthy juices, friendly service and a chilled vibe with old school Hip Hop playing all day long. It was all a dream.

What were you each doing before MOOK Pancakes?

Before MOOK; Sten used to work in the advertising industry and Sammy worked as the general manager at a successful fish restaurant. We both wanted to be entrepreneurs since we were young, but neither of us thought we would end up in the restaurant business at all.

You’re the creators of the ‘mancake’, how did you come up with the recipe?

We wanted to have a pancake version of the burger, since watching Pulp Fiction, who doesn’t like that ‘Royal with Cheese’ flavour, right?! The salty taste of the bacon combined with the sweetness of our Maple Syrup, makes it one of the most popular ones!

You’ve been open since January 2016, what’s the next step for Mook Pancakes?

We’d love to go International and open more MOOK’s worldwide. Our first next big dream would be to open a new place in London for sure!

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Words by Anastasia Bruen
Photos by Marc Prodanovic

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