The UAE is definitely not a place you would typically associate with hip hop culture and festivals, especially considering the federation has a very strict legal system in place. However, Sole DXB has managed to ease the barrier for all things creative and, within recent years, the country seems to have welcomed many aspects of the rap lifestyle with open arms.

Sole DXB launched in September 2010 as a communication platform for all the latest and relevant news in footwear, fashion and design culture in the Middle East. However, since its inception, Sole has grown leaps and bounds from its humble beginnings to become a highly trafficked and well-respected platform, approaching the new frontier of product design and brand marketing and compelling others to think differently, create distinctively and communicate effectively. Sole aims to inspire and encourage growth within the design and progressive fashion sector in the region.

This year, Sole DXB welcomes fellow hip hop heads and festival goers to the ‘City of Gold’. Dubai’s leading festival for all things cool and hip, Sole DXB will take place this year with the support of Cadillac Arabia, Dubai Design District, Lenovo, PepsiCo and Vida Downtown Dubai. The latest edition of its annual event took place in November at Dubai Design District (d3), a popular events space for both cultural and international crowds known for its versatility. With this year’s launch of lifestyle boutiques, art galleries and culinary concepts in its core 11 buildings, d3 is very much equipped for an event like Sole DXB.


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Words by Giovanna Mae

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