Such is the attention that trap is currently receiving, it has stretched all the way across the pond and found a second home in the UK, with various British acts gaining deserved attention for their achievements. A group that has epitomised the recent growth of the UK’s trap scene is South London collective, 67, whose rise to recognition has taken many by surprise, especially as it’s coincided with grime’s resurgence.

2016 marked the year of 67’s first nationwide tour, in addition to releasing their third project, ‘Let’s Lurk’, capping off an astonishing period for the crew. Viper took some time to talk to LD, Dimzy, Monkey & Liquez of 67, to explore their thoughts and feelings on the journey so far.

Your project, ‘Let’s Lurk’ dropped in September. What can listeners expect from you in 2017?
LD: More energy, you get me? Different types of beats.
Dimzy: More energy, new flows – everything’s new man.

Where do you hope this year will take you?
Monkey: Worldwide or suttin’, innit.
LD: Right now, we’re stuck in the UK, [but] we’re trying to travel the world.
Dimzy: We’re trying to branch out to Europe, America, Asia, Africa, everywhere.

Has the creative process changed for ‘Let’s Lurk’ compared to your previous projects?
LD: The first project was more us sitting down together, making tracks. The second project was more of the same thing, just different types of beats. But this one, everything about it was wild. We were starting tracks on Monday and finishing them two weeks later on. Everything’s wild, just bare things put together.

Are you getting to the stage when you’re beginning to feel pressure when making and releasing new music?
Liquez: Nah, no pressure.
LD: Pressure is what will break you.
Dimzy: If we just keep what we’re doing, there’ll be no pressure.


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Photos by Vincent Chapters
Words by Nathan Fisher

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