Tonight, we’re going to be partying with Fete Records for the D.C.-based record label’s inaugural London event, at the Ace Hotel. In the buildup to the madness, Viper sat down with the acts that will be performing on the night. Last up, we chopped it up with Midlands DJ, MORE//NIGHT.

When did you first start producing music?
I first started real young. I used to make beats on an iPad, just messing around making anything that came to mind. Since then I’ve switched to a computer, which really showed me there was a lot more to it than just a novelty.

How would you define your style?

To be honest I find it really hard to describe! I’ve grown up listening to proper U.K. music, so that has a large influence. But I try to combine old school U.K. sounds with newer styles.

What would you say necessarily sets your style apart?
I don’t know what sets it apart off the top of my head, but I’ve had the compliment that my music is recognisable without an ID.  But key elements  use are bouncy vocals, 80’s leads synth, and loads of percussion.

How long have you been putting out music with Fete Records? And what’s your favorite part about doing so?
Must of been about a year now, my first release was ‘2 Right,’ which did well. My favourite part is the family; everyone involved are so genuine.


What’s your favorite ReFix that you’ve put out? My personal favorite has to be your flip of Troy and Abed’s rap.
Thank you! My favourite must be the Donae’o edit. Its the most gangster shit I’ve made in my opinion!

Any advice for artists interested in producing music?
Don’t get too serious, you make the best music when you enjoy yourself. Also, refresh your sounds constantly! Keep downloading new drum kits, samples, sounds, car horn samples, whatever, but just keep updating!

What are you looking forward to the most from the Fete show at the Ace Hotel?
Generally the whole event, the Ace Hotel is a great venue, Fete can put a good show on and I just love playing out unreleased music and a few favourites.

Interview by Darius Pleasant.

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