Our party with Fete Records, at London’s Ace Hotel this Friday, June 9, is right around the corner, and is going to be a night to remember. In our latest entry of profiling the acts on the night, Viper spoke to London-based DJ, Complexion, about his time with Fete, his Future Beats label and DJing for Skepta.

How long have you been producing music?
I don’t produce bro!

How has your time with Fete Records been?
This is actually my first time working with Fete and I’m really looking forward to it! They’ve been killing it recently with their Soundcloud releases and have a great roster of producers.

What inspired you to start your Future Beats Show series? And how did that all come about? 
I wanted a place to share all this amazing music I was hearing on Soundcloud because no one was playing it 3-4 years ago. At the time, my radio show was all hip-hop and, much to the annoyance of the station manager at the time, I gradually transitioned over to future beats and have never looked back since.

At what moment, if that moment has come yet, would you say you felt like you ‘made it’?
There’s still a lot further I want to go with the record label (Future Beats Records) but I’d say DJing in Perth, Australia, on New Years eve 2015/16 with Skepta & Pusha T was definitely a highlight of my career so far.

What’s your favorite part of being able to DJ and perform with some of your favorite artists?
Forming friendships! Our shared love of music will put us in the same room together and once we start talking we all realize that no matter where we live in the world, we’re all so similar.

Any advice for any artists trying to make it to where you are now?
Patience and consistency! In this day and age we all focus on numbers far too much, just because something has a low play count does not make it bad. Focus on making your music and brand the best it can be and the rest will fall into place.

Are you looking forward to your show at the Ace next weekend? 
Definitely! I’ve been stockpiling some exclusive music from the label and working on some special dubs for the night.

Interview by Darius Pleasant.

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