Artist: K-Nite
Song: Purity
Project: Nitefall Vol. 3

London is a city of transit. Everyday, millions of people take buses, trains and tubes to get around. Unlike New York, the tube doesn’t run all night in our capital. Long night bus journeys become a time for reflection and an opportunity to see something bizarre and unexpected during those witching hours.

‘Nitefall Vol.3’ is the latest edition of London producer K-Nite’s acclaimed production series. Conceived during late night journeys home on the top deck of the night bus, ‘Nitefall’ is the soundtrack to a city after dark, demonstrating that things definitely do go bump in the night.

The artwork from South London artist Mark Oh! Dear perfectly captures the uncertainty of what lurks in the dark, but also reveals that the night’s dark cloak is a canvas waiting for imagination’s spark to provide illumination. Oh! Dear depicts the night bus as a creature in it’s own right, devouring the roads.

K-Nite has operated quietly behind the scenes of the U.K. hip-hop scene for over a decade, working with artists such as Homeboy Sandman, Black The Ripper, ItsNate, Black Josh, Scorsayzee and more.

He has also put together some accompanying visuals to help illustrate the themes of the project: transport and the inspiration for the music, London city. The first of which, ‘Purity’, can be seen above, while Nitefall Vol. 3 can be enjoyed below.

Words by Nick Bam.