When did you and Deer Squad first meet?
I first met Money on July 28th 2016, that’s the same day I saw Canela as well. I was at my cousin Ken Polo’s house playing 2K, but when I left his house there was a doe standing at the front door. I was excited to see her and Ken Polo came out with some bread and started feeding her, then I started recording him and posted it on Snapchat. I hopped in my car and went to my house which is right around the corner, and when I pull into my driveway there’s a huge buck in my backyard. I walked up to him to see if he would run away but he didn’t, so I went inside and grabbed him an apple, club crackers and some bread. He was eating good, that’s when I made my first video. We were friends on sight, he even brought his whole family to come eat. Ever since then I’ve been feeding Money and Canela’s Squad whenever I get the chance to go home. We have a great connection, we are fearless and [have] got that trust in each other.

What’s your favourite thing to do together?
We usually just chill outside – I feed them and they hang around and eat delicious snacks. It’s cool observing them and talking about it, I think it’s funny how close I’ve gotten to the deer and they’re wild. I like to play basketball with them, but they know I’ll beat them every time so they don’t even bother coming close to the court anymore.

Describe Deer Squad in three words.
Fearless. Loyal. Phenomenal.

How would Deer Squad describe you in three words?
Genuine. Friendly. Clutch.

What’s the meaning behind your slogan Everybody Eats?
‘Everybody eats’ is a term I use to express how important it is to make sure the ones around you are being treated well. Whether it’s family, friends, people in need, or even stray animals. If I have something to offer to the world, I feel that it’s vital for me to share it. I’m always willing to help whether it’s food, advice, helping someone with homework, or just helping my community. The way I think about it is if I have it and my brother doesn’t, then him and I are splitting it 50/50.


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Photography by Jimmy Cortez

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