My favourite mixtape has to be Lil Wayne’s Da Drought 3, that shit was life changing for everybody.

It was a big mixtape for the culture and hip-hop and, at the time, I was just a young kid listening to music. I wasn’t rapping at all, I was just chilling and doing crazy shit but it was one of those joints that you could vibe to and I can never forget it. It was everywhere, and it was epic! Everybody had it.

When I heard Da Drought 3 for the first time I was in Atlanta, Georgia; the streets of Atlanta. I was probably at someone’s house smoking weed with some people and I was trippin’ out. It was very fire.

I wasn’t doing anything at the time, I was just smoking and doing my thing, but that tape was one of the things that made me want to rap, but also the motivation to do a lot of things. Every song on the joint was motivation to do work and get stuff done, live how I want to and do what I want. Motivation, motivation.

I remember the cover of Da Drought 3 having all kinds of colours with Wayne on it; it made me feel a lot of things that I can’t really describe. It was a very inspiring mixtape cover; I love the cover, it was very very fire.

My favourite song on the tape has to be ‘I Feel Like Dying’ because, I was so high at the time, I felt like dying myself, and that song just spoke to me in a different way. If I had to put a price on Da Drought 3…I don’t know. I think I would pay $100, because it means that much to me.

If I had to describe the mixtape in three words, I would say it was amazing, fire and iconic. I think it motivated a lot of rappers and had a lasting impact on the culture. This was when Wayne was at his very best and on top of the rap game and everybody had to pay attention to whatever he was dropping. It was very big for the culture.

Words by Rich The Kid.

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