Firstly, briefly introduce yourself.
I’m Faze Miyake. I’m a DJ/Producer from London. I like to just call my production style, “electronic.” To me that could be anything, and others can make it out how they want to as well. I have different styles.

What would you say are the most popular beats you’ve created?
The most popular beat I’ve created is definitely, ‘Take Off’, which was just big for me as an instrumental. After that I went on to make a lot more big tunes with other artists, but that one has been my biggest and it was my breakthrough track into the music game. It still gets played now which is nice, but there are a lot more if you just have a pree.

What is your favourite song you’ve worked on and why?
I’ve got quite a few really. My favourite to date is a track on my album called ‘Ice Cold’. It features Inga Copeland, an electronic artist and we had a really cool session. People wouldn’t expect me and her to work but I made one of my favourite tracks with her. I think I like the challenge of what different artists bring to me. It’s very easy to make tracks with rappers or MCs. I did a remix for CASisDEAD’s ‘Play’ a little while ago too and I enjoyed working on that. I worked pretty hard on getting the production right on both of them.

Do you think that production software becoming more accessible to just anyone is a good or bad thing for music?
I think it’s great. I started on a cracked version of Fruity Loops when I was 15. It was a hobby, it was the same as playing a video game to me. It still is kinda! I just gave my best friend some sounds and software to mess around with. I think it’s nice to be able to have access to things that help you do productive things without spending loads of money. I started that way too so I support it. Just know when it’s not for you though!

What influences you as a producer?
My influences come from life in general. Everything around me. Whatever is happening in my life. Playing out in clubs and catching a vibe off the people I’m playing to. I listen to loads of different music too so that helps. I’ve always got ideas I’m trying to bring to life. It’s not always just music either.

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Photo by Vicky Grout

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