Artist: G.U.M.P
Song: Unusual

Coming off the starting blocks with new heat for the summer comes G.U.M.P. with their new single ‘Unusual’, premiered by Viper Magazine.

Consisting of guitarist Ali, drummer Zeeshan, bassist Joey and lead vocalist Uno Hype, G.U.M.P. is a group from Washington, D.C. that blends jazz-rock with hip-hop in a refreshing way, combining the rhythms of the instrumentalists with Uno Hype’s pensive and calming yet potent lyrics.

Today sees the release of the foursome’s new single ‘Unusual’ which is slated  to appear on the group’s upcoming debut album, ‘Sleven’, which is being prepared for release this month.

‘Unusual’ perfectly showcases the group’s musicality, with Zeeshan’s hard-hiting drums, Joey’s calming bassline and Ali’s screeching guitar plucks providing a background for Uno, who laments the deterioration of a relationship and ponders the sanity of the situation. This is definitely a cut to vibe to as the weather improves.

Check out ‘Unusual’ by pressing play on the image above.

Words by Yemi Abiade.

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