Everything Chuck Inglish drops is worth paying close attention to. But this latest release is extra special, thanks to the appearance of the UK’s own, Yasmin.

Taken from his stunning album, ‘Everybody’s Big Brother’, released in October 2015, ‘L.E.D.’ is a definite stand out, displaying elements of UK dance music with Chuck’s expertly-crafted bass-driven sounds, for an upbeat and refreshing song for the summer.

Chuck explains how the British sound influenced the outcome of the song, saying, “’L.E.D.’ was definitely influenced by the way UK dance music sounds. It’s a beautiful genre to me, always has been.” He continues, “Though I don’t live in it, I understand it and lean towards that sound as a listener and as a DJ. So I wanted to create my version with Yasmin.”

The inclusion of stunning Scottish vocalist and DJ, Yasmin, is no surprise, following her long friendship with the American producer and rapper, with Chuck explaining, ”The collaboration with Yasmin came from almost 10 years of friendship and always being of fan of what she represents.” At Viper, we’re fans of what both artists represent together and that’s why we’re loving ‘L.E.D.’.

Press play on the video above, and if you haven’t already, cop ‘Everybody’s Big Brother’ here.

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