The cult LA clothing brand that’s good enough for you to beg, borrow and steal to get.

The legendary Bob Marley was once asked in an interview, “Are you a rich man? Do you have a lot of possessions?” He replied, “I don’t have that kind of richness, my richness is life.”

With a similar attitude to Marley, LA clothing brand, Joyrich has brought the fun back to fashion since its launch in 2007. Father of the brand Tim Hirota juxtaposes a smart-casual vibe with bold colours, playful textures and nostalgic style, celebrating the happiness that stems from our surroundings.

From nostalgic flared joggers to playful Toy Story sweatshirts, every season Joyrich shocks the fashion industry with a bucket of ice-cold water. The brand masters the art of collaboration, merging their casual care-free style with world renowned brands such as Disney, Coca-Cola and their most recent collaboration for SS16; Playboy.

Every summer, denim comes into its own and the Joyrich x Playboy collection serves up many of the upcoming seasons must-haves. The minimalistic denim jacket, doubled up with the Playboy denim pants are a personal favourite of Viper’s. Influenced by Japanese streetwear, Joyrich’s bold colours and textures – like the bright red Coca-Cola rucksack – embody decadence without coming across as pretentious.

The SS16 range follows their impressive AW15 ‘YOUTHQUAKE’ collection which promoted eternal youth. The brand described it as “inspired by the bold styles of 1960’s Mod fashion, the Joyrich AW15 collection combined luxury with the brand’s signature urban flair. Consistently taking a unique approach to design in the apparel industry, Joyrich’s AW15 collection depicted an original interpretation on a staple moment in fashion, music and culture.” The two-piece sets of clashing colours and styles gave the collection a unique and refreshing vibe.

Like all good brands, Joyrich always ensure there’s something for everyone. From two-piece denim tracksuits to the fluffy rucksacks in their Coca-Cola collab, it’s easy to fall in love with their diverse styles. Joyrich is a fun and quirky brand for overgrown kids, keen to promote self-expression through playful styles and fabrics.

This is an extract from the Spring Summer 16 Issue of Viper Magazine. Read more from the magazine here. Buy physical and digital copies here.


Photos by Naemah Waller
Words by Mollie Hayes

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